The Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded, and the plethora of products continues to surprise us. Some of them have us wondering why anyone would need it—and others we can’t wait to get our hands on! We compiled a list of the weirdest and coolest IoT products on the market today. Enjoy!

pp1. ZutaLabs Pocket Printer – $314: This portable printer can be taken anywhere and print from any device. It’s rechargeable and is perfect for anyone who’s always on the go. Bring your laptop and this pocket printer to meetings to print last minute contracts or information for your customers—without having the hassle of using their printer.

2. Quirky Egg Minder Wink App Enabled Smart Egg Tray – $13.80: Do you ever wonder how many eggs you have at home or when they are about to go bad? This smart egg tray is egg-cellent and won’t leave you in a scramble! It connects to your mobile device to alert you when your tray is running low or when your eggs are going bad so you don’t waste another grocery store run.

oombrella3. Oombrella – $76.01: When it rains, it pours, and you don’t want to be caught in the rain without this smart umbrella! It’s still in its early phases of development, but this unique umbrella measures the humidity in the air and sends real-time weather alerts to your smartphone so you won’t be left in the rain. Plus, if you stray 100 feet from your umbrella a notification will be sent to your phone, so you don’t leave it behind.

4. Amazon Dash button – $4.99: This IoT product isn’t as revolutionary, but it’s a serious time-saver. Dash buttons are available for multiple home products, like Energizer batteries, Pop-Tarts, Charmin, and more. With one simple touch of the button, your Amazon purchase is placed, and your product is on the way. It creates an easier way to order products you always seem to forget to buy—just don’t leave it anywhere your kids can press it, or you may wind up with a lifetime supply!

5. Edyn – $99.97: Some people are born with a green thumb; others need Edyn. Edyn is a garden sensor that monitors the environment and tells you what your plants need—giving you tailored tips and weather forecasts. This solar-powered garden sensor sticks right in the ground and connects to your Wi-Fi network, alerting you as needed so you can provide ideal conditions for your plants.

bluetoothbag6. Bluesmart – $449: With this gadget, you’ll never lose a checked bag again! Bluesmart is a connected carry-on that uses location-tracking features so you know where your bag is at all times. If your bag is out of reach, you can easily secure it with the Bluetooth lock to keep your personal items safe. If that isn’t enough, the smart bag help you eliminate baggage fees with its built-in weight sensor, removing any surprise costs at the check-in counter.

7. Nokē – $69.99: Security is important, but passwords and combinations can be tricky to keep track of. That’s why this smart padlock pairs with your smartphone or a smart key fob, eliminating the need to remember a key or a combination. The app allows users to share access their lock with specific contacts at specific times and even allows you to track your items when they are in transit.

socks18. BlackSocks – $189.00 for 10 pair starter kit: Never lose a sock again. These smart socks pair with your phone stopping socks from disappearing in the wash. Curious to how often a pair has been washed or when you should replace them? That information is sent to your smartphone, alerting you when they’ve faded and letting you know when you should order your next pair.

9. Nespresso Prodigo – starting at $238.00: Brew coffee or espresso without leaving the couch, or schedule your next cup right from your phone. This coffee machine connects to your smartphone, and it even alerts you before you run out of coffee, showing you past orders for easy replenishment or giving you the option of trying something new.

june10. June – $1495: This countertop oven expertly cooks meals at a rapid pace and comes with its own app. The unique oven can roast, toast, broil, and bake, and you can control it all from your phone, pre-heating, adjusting cook time, and checking the food’s core temperature The food recognition engine recognizes what you’re cooking and gives you customized controls and instructions, taking the guesswork of cooking.

The innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT) continually surprises us, and one of these items might just be the perfect gift for that person on our list who seems to have everything. While I might be able to live without smart socks this holiday season, my holidays won’t be complete without the Bluesmart luggage by my side. Which one are you adding to your list?

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