Last week, at the 2019 Channel Partner Insight Innovation Awards ceremony, it was made clear, yet again, that one thing is constant in the IT channel: change. Every day, we are seeing more innovation and consolidation across the board. Keeping up with frequent shifts and developments of the channel is not an easy feat – especially when you are trying to protect your customers from today’s ever-evolving threats.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, Barracuda MSP is keeping you – the MSP – in mind as we further develop our product and service offering. We know that securing customers from today’s threats isn’t just an option anymore, it is a necessity, and we want to make you successful with what can be a seemingly daunting task. That’s why we were extremely honored to be named as Channel Partner Insight’s 2019 Security Vendor of the Year.

To us, this isn’t just another award. This is a testament to the dedication to our commitment to MSP channel in providing services to help you secure your customers, all while growing your business. We are proud to provide our partners with tools that enable them to create unique service offerings, deliver those services profitably, and demonstrate their value to customers.

MSP growth simplified

With today’s threat landscape rapidly evolving, you can’t just set up a firewall and a spam filter. Instead, you need to take a multi-layered approach to security to secure different vectors. For example:

Gateway defense layer. Regardless of where your customers’ businesses are operating, their data needs to be protected. With the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall, you can ensure that their business-critical data is safe in the cloud, or on premise.

Email resiliency layer. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in their email tactics.  With Barracuda Essentials, you can mitigate email threats while ensuring compliance and continuity through backup and archiving.

Fraud protection layer. Business email compromise and account takeover attacks are increasing in frequency. However, spotting an account takeover attack isn’t always easy for users. Barracuda Sentinel uses AI and machine learning to identify and learn your customers’ unique communication patterns to recognize and flag anomalies — which further protects them from fraud.

Security Awareness layer. The strongest — or weakest — security layer is the users themselves. Barracuda’s Managed PhishLine helps you deliver training and simulations to help educate users on how to recognize, spot, and report attacks.

How does a multi-layered approach help MSPs? It creates opportunity. For example, as more organizations move to Microsoft® Office 365 or other cloud applications, many of them are relying on the native security included with their email service or other applications. This can create problems because these solutions don’t offer the same level of protection and threat detection as third-party solutions.

However, products like Barracuda Sentinel offer a way for businesses to fight back against spear-phishing attacks. It uses machine learning and big data to spot attempts and stop them before they cause damage. Unlike traditional email security gateways, Sentinel can also remove malicious emails directly from user inboxes, so if it identifies a message as a phishing attempt it is automatically deleted, even after it has been received.

The only thing we can count on with regards to the cybersecurity landscape is that threats will continue to change, and it will be important to adapt security tactics alongside that evolution. By choosing Barracuda to help you navigate this journey, you can strengthen your customers’ defenses and eliminate attacks.

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