More than 125 billion emails are projected to be sent in 2018, and that number is expected to grow to 320 billion by 2021. With email continuing to be the primary vector for cyber-attacks, it is more important than ever to protect your customers’ inboxes.

With so many different email security solutions on the market, finding the right solution for your SMB customers can be daunting. To help you on this journey, we consulted our experts on the topic, and came up with a list of  five advanced email security features you should be looking for in order to better protect your customers from today’s advanced threats.

What to look for in an email security solution

1. Inbound and outbound protection. Email filtering is the first step for protecting your customers against advanced threats. Look for a solution that has customizable email filtering policies, automatic filter updates to relieve maintenance, and accelerated delivery so the email server isn’t slowed down by extensive filtering policies. Similarly, regarding outbound protection, look for a solution that scans all outbound messages to ensure that they are legitimate, virus-free, and that they don’t leak sensitive information.

2. Spear phishing prevention. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated with their phishing tactics. Employ an email security solution that can distinguish legitimate emails from duplicitous ones in real-time. While to the untrained eye a phishing attack may look authentic, advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence can help identify threats before they are delivered in your customers’ inboxes.

3. Sandboxing. Instead of delivering emails with potentially malicious attachments, a sandboxing feature isolates and opens files to ensure that there are no latent threats – without compromising the system. For example, Barracuda Essentials Advanced Threat Protection leverages sandboxing technology to detonate and discover malicious attachments before they are delivered to a user’s inbox, if a threat is discovered, the email is quarantined.

4. Encryption. Data is extremely valuable – especially to cybercriminals. Whether you are trying to protect employee information or sensitive information, AES-256 level encryption can assist in protecting your customers’ important assets.

5. Versatile deployment. It’s important to look for an email security solution that can meet your customers’ flexible deployment needs – whether it is in the cloud, on premises, or a hybrid of both. Today’s businesses are changing faster than ever before, so it is imperative to look for a solution that can fit a variety of needs.

Keeping your customers safe from today’s threats is not an easy task. However, choosing the right email security solution is a great first step. Once you have implemented a robust solution, it is still important to educate users on how to identify and spot an attack. After all, even if you have the strongest defense in place, if you leave the door open, their environments are still vulnerable.

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