Cyber security risk assessmentAs an MSP, you understand the importance of cyber security. You don’t need a special month to remind you of the damage that can be done to a business if they fall victim to a data breach or ransomware attack. After all, you’ve likely spent your fair share of time helping customers pick up the pieces after they learn the hard way just how vulnerable their data really is.

But do your customers have the same appreciation of the importance of cyber security? Probably not.

Discussions around cyber security can’t wait. Now is the time to educate your customers about cyber security best practices and make sure they have all the right protections in place.

Take the risk assessment

Use the interactive cyber security risk assessment below to find out if you’re doing enough to protect your customers from today’s increasingly sophisticated attacks. After you complete the assessment, you’ll get access to an SMB-friendly version you can share with your customers to help open their eyes to the seriousness of these threats.

After all, as an IT professional you know that it’s only a matter of time until the next attack. Don’t you want to make sure your customers are prepared?

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Anne Campbell

Posted by Anne Campbell

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