Small changes can have a big impact on your business – you just need to dedicate a little time. According to the Productivity Institute, if you take five minutes per day, each day of the week, you will create 1,200 little improvements over a five year period. If you double that and spend ten minutes or more, this can create significant improvements that can help you propel your business to the next level.

Three ways to improve

To help you make small strides to growing your business, we identified three actions you can take each day with less than an hour of time. Here are a few simple things you can do:

Run reports for your customers. One of the ways to grow your managed service business significantly over time, is to retain the customers you already have. A great way to increase your customer retention, is to highlight the value you provide to your managed service customers by providing quarterly or monthly reports. A lot of products today have reporting features built-in to help you easily run and deliver detailed summaries on what you have done for your customers. For example, Managed Workplace’s Site Security Assessment scans your customers’ environments to ensure that all devices are patched and updated, and then delivers a report that shows any vulnerabilities in the network that need to be addressed. Click here to learn more about Managed Workplace and the Site Security Assessment.

Look for small areas of improvement. Surprisingly, one small change can make a large impact. To improve your business over time, one of the most impactful things you can do is reflect and analyze how you and your technicians’ time is currently being spent. Are you spending a lot of time resolving tickets, answering emails, or fixing common errors? Seeing commonalities between routine tasks and problems that arise can help you streamline the process moving forward – this could be automating your patch management process, implementing a new tool, or just simply changing the way you onboard new customers. For more ideas on where to look for areas of improvement, receive a free copy of the Improvement Plan eBook here.

Generate more leads for your business by using LinkedIn. This powerful social network takes your networking to the next level. Instead of investing your time at industry lunches, LinkedIn helps you network from your computer around the clock. When done correctly, LinkedIn can be a powerful sales tool to not only help you find prospective clients, but to help them find you. Nate Freedman of TechPro Marketing shares his exclusive insights on how to use your LinkedIn profile to grow your MSP business – with his methods he has seen clients receive six phone calls in one week, close four deals in over two weeks, and add over $18,000 in recurring revenue within 30 days. To learn Nate’s secrets, download your exclusive guide.

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