One of the toughest challenges MSPs run into is building and maintaining a healthy sales pipeline. All too often, MSPs find themselves relying on word-of-mouth or referrals to keep new business coming through the door. While you will (understandably) never turn your back on referrals as a lead source, if you want to take your MSP to the next level, you need to challenge the status quo and commit to looking for leads that come in from elsewhere, as well.

Creating a well-rounded sales pipeline requires you to take actionable steps. Brad Stoller, national director of business development at The PT Services Group, recently teamed up with us to develop the Strengthening your MSP Sales Pipeline eBook. This guide is chock-full of tips to help you reinvigorate your sales process so that you can drive growth in your MSP business. For example, in the eBook, one topic covered is simple ways to identify gaps in your sales process.

Three common sales process mistakes

To establish a healthy and profitable sales pipeline, it is important to identify where your current process is falling short. By identifying the gaps, you can focus on these areas to pave your way to profitability. Here are a few common pitfalls:

1. Your website doesn’t have clear CTAs. When a prospect goes to your website, are you getting their contact information? To effectively capitalize on your website traffic, you should have clear calls to action (CTAs) to instruct prospects what to do next. For example, register for the webinar, request more information, download the eBook, and more. Encouraging action not only helps you more quickly and easily identify prospects who might be interested in your services, but it also gives you a reference point for when you reach out.

2. You are only focusing on one lead generation activity. To build and maintain a healthy sales pipeline, you need to incorporate a mix of marketing activities. Think about sending direct mail, sending monthly email newsletters, hosting webinars, attending events, using social media, and looking for opportunities in your local community. By spreading your efforts, you will be able to reach different prospects and introduce them to your offering.

3. Your sales team isn’t following up with potential leads. After prospects have expressed interest – downloading an asset, requesting more information, or attending an event – your sales team should always reach out. You never know when a prospect might be interested in learning more information. Reaching out gives you the opportunity to gauge their interest to see if they could be a potential customer.

Once you have identified where your sales process might be missing the mark, you are more equipped to make the necessary changes needed to take your business to the next level. To learn how to further strengthen your sales pipeline and reinvigorate your sales process, download your copy of Strengthening your MSP Sales Pipeline.

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