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Thanks to social media and marketing, there’s a holiday every day of the year. These social media or marketing holidays are a great way to engage with your audience through MSP marketing, build brand awareness, offer sales or specials, and so much more. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to using these holidays to build your MSP business’ brand awareness.

If your MSP has never participated in a marketing holiday before, why not take part in National IT Professionals Day on September 21 of each year? With the increase in remote work, cyberattacks, and pretty much everything else that shifted to operating virtually this past year, it’s a great time give thanks to the many IT professionals behind it all. From our support technicians, system administrators, programmers, analysts, network engineers, and so on, they all deserve recognition.

Below are three MSP marketing ideas you can use to celebrate National IT Professionals Day. The ideas range from free, low effort actions to ones that require more time and planning.

Use social media to promote your MSP marketing holiday

Whether you stick to one or two channels or use them all, don’t forget to complete your post with the #ITProDay. Here are a few ideas:

    • Shout out your staff on Twitter. Thank them for their hard work and dedication to keeping your clients up and running safely from home, the office, or wherever they may be.
    • Share a photo of your IT Pros on Instagram or Facebook. This could be a funny group picture of everyone showing off their personality and letting your audience know there are real humans behind the screen. You could even share individual pictures of your staff throughout the day with a quote, story or memory about that person. Take action shots of your tech pros and show your audience a behind-the-scenes look of their day.
    • Interview your tech pros to let your LinkedIn audience in on some great stories.
    • Take those stories a step further and make them into a video that you can upload to YouTube or TikTok.
    • And if you have the time and resources, you could record those interviews for a podcast episode or mini-series. You don’t need fancy recording equipment either, as you can record right off your phone, upload to one of the many free podcast hosting websites, and then share those podcasts far and wide.

Don’t forget to encourage your staff to share these posts, or their own pictures or videos on their personal/company social media channels. When your employees advocate for your business, they can open more doors for future clients and employees. For example, by sharing your organization’s posts on social media, it increases your organic reach. Additionally, when employees talk highly of your business, this increases word of mouth referrals and also improve employee morale. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Treat your staff

Who doesn’t like to be treated every once in a while? Some examples of treats for your employees include:

    • Take your team out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner that day or have a local restaurant cater food into your office. Either way, don’t forget to tag that restaurant any social media posts, so that they can share it on their social media channels too.
    • While food and drinks are always a great go-to option, you could treat your staff to something different like bringing in a massage therapist to the office.
    • Let your staff decide what to do on their special day. This could be a fun group activity like bowling, go-karting, an escape room, or as simple as deciding where to eat.
    • Have any extra company apparel or swag around the office? That works great as a gift, if your staff doesn’t already have the same items at home.

Host an event

Hosting an event is a great way to get your community involved and raise brand awareness for your MSP. Whether you have the event at your office or somewhere local, you are opening doors to new relationships in the area which could lead to future partnerships. You’re also building better relationships with others in your community through these MSP marketing activities:

    • Host a party for all IT pros in your area. This allows you to meet other talent in the area and keep your MSP top of mind when they are looking for a new place to work.
    • Get your community involved by creating an event. This could be an event for networking, to celebrate, or to learn about IT or cybersecurity. You never know which business owners in your area need IT services until you meet them.

The above ideas are just that, ideas. They are a great place to get your MSP marketing brainstorming started and turn those ideas into something unique of your own. How will you celebrate National IT Professionals Day every year?

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Monica Gordon

Posted by Monica Gordon

Monica Gordon is the Marketing Specialist at Omega Computer Services (OCS), Michigan’s premier outsourced I.T. provider. OCS specializes in building custom I.T. solutions that align with your business goals, putting you at the heart of everything technology. You can read more from Monica on OCS’s Blog or check out the tech-y podcast she is a part of, The Geek Freaks Podcast.


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