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msp marketing successYes, it’s true. There are managed IT services companies out there that understand the critical importance marketing and sales play in the success of their business. Regardless of their size, these IT service companies have transitioned from being a technology-focused company to having only one important focus … do you know that this can be?

They are a marketing and sales organization.

That’s it. Nothing is more important than marketing their business every day and conducting wave after wave of sales operations. Yes, these very successful managed IT service companies are conducting a well thought-out, military-like marketing and sales strategy.

Why do so many MSPs continue to ignore the importance of marketing and sales when time after time it’s been proven that conducting marketing and sales operations with precision will ensure your managed service business grows and grows and grows?

MSP sales and marketing activities you can start right now

Here are five critical marketing and sales operations MSPs can do right now to make their business more successful:

  1. Get a media and PR strategy – MSPs must have a media and PR strategy and do something every day to connect with local and industry media. There’s always something going on that you have expertise on. Pitching your opinions, views, and thoughts to media at least two to three times per week will position you as the local expert.
  2. Network your face off – When I was building IT Matters in Calgary from three guys fixing computers to a 34 employee, $5.5 million revenue MSP in seven short years, business-to-business networking was the goose that laid the golden egg. I attended at least five to seven networking events every single week. This just works. The proof is in the pudding.
  3. Canvas, canvas, canvas – I’ve been kicked out of more skyscrapers in Calgary than I care to mention, but canvassing is a very important strategy. It allows you to meet with people, gather intelligence, and make your MSP business known. You have to get out and meet new people, and canvassing can also help you expand into new markets.
  4. Use email and direct mail every single day – Get over your fear of being known as a spammer. Who cares. The people who complain will NEVER become a client of yours. Send out marketing education emails, postcards, and sales letters at least once a week.
  5. Reach out and touch someone – Picking up the phone and calling everyone you meet using points one through four is the cherry on top. Many IT Service companies overlook the importance of telephone solicitation because they simply don’t feel comfortable with it.

Watch the webinar replay as I highlight these points and many other critical success factors in mastering your MSP marketing. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity to take this next step toward your future success.


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Stuart Crawford

Posted by Stuart Crawford

Stuart Crawford is the CEO and Creative Director with Ulistic. Ulistic specializes in working with IT service companies globally helping them connect with their markets and achieve stratospheric success. Need help? Please feel free to reach out to Stuart and his team at Ulistic. Every day, they help managed IT services companies overcome many of the challenges they have with marketing. Learn more about Ulistic at or call 716-799-1999.

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing! PR strategy is a must for a company of any size and working through any sector.


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