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Adam Searcy is the Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager of Email Protection at Barracuda. After graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Management and obtaining a series of IT certifications, Adam launched an IT consulting practice in 2002 that focused on serving software development and ASP/SaaS providers. By 2009 the company had evolved into a managed services provider, serving clients with offices spanning San Francisco to Raleigh and Chicago to Tampa. Adam sold the company in 2019 to focus on cybersecurity and worked with a local MDR company, followed by Tripwire, before joining Barracuda.

What is cyber liability insurance?

What is cyber liability insurance?

As the threat landscape evolves, an increasing number of businesses are turning to cyber liability insurance as a way to help mitigate risk. If you are considering cyber liability insurance for your organization, there are a few things that are...

/ March 23, 2023