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Charles Henson has been in the IT industry for over twenty-seven years, and is currently serving as Managing Partner for Nashville Computer. He started working for the growing firm in 1991. Charles is passionate about helping business owners and office staff become well educated about all of the technologies that can help them grow, be more efficient, and stay safe dealing with today’s cyber security issues. Wanting to share his IT experience, he has become well known through speaking engagements at seminars, giving interviews to news reporters, contributing to online media and hosting webinars.

How to build credibility as an MSP

How to build credibility as an MSP

In today’s market, many MSPs appear to be just like each other. Clients don’t know the difference between them. If you do not have a compelling Unique Selling Proposition, then you need to at least have additional branding and credibility....

/ December 31, 2018