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As Chief Product Officer, Jeff Bishop oversees product management and development, platform infrastructure, and ecosystem technology at ConnectWise. Jeff’s previous positions include Vice President of Ecosystem and Vice President of ConnectWise Control, a software that allows clients’ computers to be remotely controlled for fast, reliable, secure remote support. Before joining ConnectWise in 2015, he was a field service engineer for Machine Vision Technology (MVT) out of Dublin, Ireland. Jeff’s extensive experience includes sales, marketing, engineering, documentation, product management and more.

5 steps to adopting a cloud services model

5 steps to adopting a cloud services model

Cloud computing has transformed the way companies do business. It’s no longer a solution for just enterprises, as it’s expected to exceed $270 billion by 2020 and 44 percent of the growth will come from small businesses. And it’s anticipated...

/ August 20, 2019 / 1 Comment