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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory

Palo Alto Networks has recently disclosed a critical zero-day vulnerability, CVE-2024-3400, within its PAN-OS operating system. The flaw, found in the GlobalProtect Gateway, is currently under active exploitation. Additionally, the threat actors behind RedTail cryptocurrency mining malware have added this vulnerability to its exploit arsenal, further intensifying the threat. Review this Cybersecurity Threat Advisory to learn how to keep your network secure.

What is the threat?

The threat is a zero-day vulnerability classified under CWE-77 for command injection. It allows unauthenticated attackers to execute arbitrary OS commands on affected systems. Cybercriminals have exploited this flaw to install a custom Python backdoor named UPSTYLE, facilitating further command execution through specific network requests. The RedTail malware, notorious for its cryptocurrency mining activities, now leverages this vulnerability to enhance its exploitation capabilities.

Why is it noteworthy?

The vulnerability has a CVSS score of 10.0. The critical nature and active exploitation of this vulnerability highlights significant security risks for organizations using Palo Alto Networks’ firewalls. The addition of this vulnerability to RedTail’s toolkit, coupled with its new anti-analysis techniques and private mining pools, underscores the evolving sophistication of cyber threats targeting network infrastructure.

What is the exposure or risk?

Successful exploitation allows attackers to gain control over affected devices, leading to potential data theft, system compromise, and disruption of operations. RedTail’s ability to exploit this vulnerability further increases the risk, as it can deploy a payload tailored to the victim’s CPU architecture. This risk is compounded by the malware’s exploitation of other known vulnerabilities in various devices and applications, making it a pervasive threat.

What are the recommendations?

Barracuda MSP recommends the following actions to keep your network secured:

  • Apply the upcoming hotfixes from Palo Alto Networks as soon as they are released.
  • Monitor your systems for any unusual activity that might indicate a compromise. This includes checking logs and using intrusion detection systems to identify potential exploitation attempts.


For more in-depth information about the recommendations, please visit the following links:

If you have any questions about this Cybersecurity Threat Advisory, please contact Barracuda XDR’s Security Operations Center.

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Aniket Kapoor

Posted by Aniket Kapoor

Aniket is a Cybersecurity Analyst at Barracuda MSP. He's a security expert, working on our Blue Team within our Security Operations Center. Aniket supports our XDR service delivery and is highly skilled at analyzing security events to detect cyber threats, helping keep our partners and their customers protected.

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