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grow business Go ahead, make a list. Use two columns: Your Business Goals vs. Your Business Challenges. Put down five goals, and five challenges.

What did you come up with? Did your list look anything like this?


  1. How do I grow my revenues?
  2. How do I close bigger, more profitable clients?
  3. How do I stop working 80-hour weeks?
  4. How do I spend more time on marketing?
  5. Where do I find the time to lose 20 lbs? (Remember what your doctor said at that last checkup?)


  1. Lots of competition – anybody can claim to be an “expert”
  2. My staff is constantly battling the same fires day-in-day-out
  3. My staff is already overworked
  4. Hiring new people is expensive, time consuming, and exhausting
  5. Clients are complaining (or worse, leaving) because your techs failed to fix a recurring problem … again

If your list looked similar to this, then we need to discuss implementing SOPCulture into your business, your life, and your worldview.

What is SOPCulture?

Brainlink developed SOPCulture as our response to challenges we faced internally and at our clients. Many of our challenges revolved around:

  • Standardizing Client Experience – How do we correctly onboard a client? How do we correctly offboard a client? How do my techs solve the same problem, the same way every time?
  • Improving Service Quality – It’s no secret that you get the same coffee and the same experience at every Starbucks worldwide. Can the same be said for your staff and your clients? We find that many professional services firms deliver services where the client experience varies from day-to-day and from employee-to-employee.
  • Elevating Staff Performance – There are two ways to get more work done: work longer hours (yuck!) or work more efficiently. Adopting SOPCulture enables you and your staff to do more in less time. This isn’t some late night infomercial gimmick or a magical fairytale. It’s based on decades of research in other disciplines. Before every flight takes off, the pilots review a 2,000-point checklist. The most successful tool in reducing surgical errors over the past decade has been a Sharpie and a checklist. Brainlink’s SOPCulture takes lessons learned from The Checklist Manifesto and Get Things Done and helps your team apply them.

Why do you want SOPCulture?

Simply put, it’s a proven way to:

  • Make your employees MORE PRODUCTIVE
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Help your clients LOVE YOU and give you more responsibility, larger revenues, and greater profits
  • REDUCE the time you have to work in your business and free you to work ON your business
  • ELEVATE your marketing that will let you prospect and close bigger clients.

Ready to learn how to do it?

If you’re ready to start adopting SOPCulture in your own business, watch the webinar — to learn the secret to growth, profitability, and getting to take a REAL vacation.

As for losing that 20 lbs? Ask me and I’ll send you my SOP for losing 20 lbs.  (I’ve lost 15 in two months, and I plan to lose 40 pounds more over the next year.)


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Raj Goel

Posted by Raj Goel

Raj Goel owns a NYC-based MSP called Brainlink. He’s a well-known cybersecurity expert who has appeared on FOX Business News, Bloomberg TV, NY Times, CIO, and he has spoken at many industry events including Robin Robins events, Continuum, Cyberoam, etc. He is also the author of Unplugged: Luddite’s Guide to Cybersecurity and The Most Important Secrets to Getting Great Results from IT. Brainlink won the SMART CEO award in 2015 for SOPCulture because everyone knows “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!”

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