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Security incidents can have a devastating impact on an organization. The longer an attacker remains in the network, the more damage they are capable of causing – this is why security operations centers (SOCs) focus so heavily on efficient response times!

Barracuda XDR is an extended visibility, detection & response platform that is backed by a team of security experts in its 24×7 SOC, providing proactive cybersecurity-as-a-service for MSPs and their customers. By partnering with Tines and Elastic, Barracuda is able to streamline end-to-end monitoring for customers, enrich threat intelligence, and reduce time to alert and respond, all while improving the overall experience for its SOC analysts.

Merium Khalid, Senior SOC Manager, Offensive Security, and John Port, Senior Manager, Cyber Security Analysts, at Barracuda XDR have authored a white paper demonstrating how they streamlined their security incident response with Tines and Elastic. Through in-depth examples, their report demonstrates how to leverage Tines’ no-code automation platform alongside Elastic to minimize time to detect threats and block them before they can reach sensitive assets like firewalls or IPs.

The challenge of effective monitoring

As anyone in the security industry knows, there are always new threats emerging. It can be difficult for organizations to keep up with the latest trends and evolve their monitoring solutions accordingly. Traditional monitoring tools are often not equipped to handle the volume and complexity of data generated by modern networks, resulting in false positives and missed alarms that waste time and resources.

Improved detection rates, reduced false positives, and enriched alerts help SOC analysts focus on more proactive, valuable, and engaging tasks such as threat hunting. This collaboration between Tines, Barracuda, and Elastic provides best-in-class threat intelligence and reduces the time to alert and respond to threats for Barracuda partners and customers.

You can read the White Paper here.

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Chris Foran

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Chris Foran is a Senior Account Manager, MSSPs at Tines. He helps IT and security teams automate the mundane. Hie specialize in SaaS, IT automation, cyber security and DevOps companies looking to rapidly scale revenue.

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