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Current global climates are posing new challenges to MSP providers, with a recent IEEE survey indicating that CIOs and CTOs will be called upon to deal with a plethora of new circumstances in 2021. Some of the biggest challenges include the need to adapt to a larger percentage of remote working teams, the return of staff to offices and installations, and differences in office work structures.

Deloitte reports that the importance of digital marketing continues to grow, with sales for the first quarter of 2020 showing an 18 percent increase compared to that of 2019, and traffic growth for the first quarter of the year showing a 13 percent rise.

MSPs wishing to stand out from competitors need to hone their digital marketing strategies, so as to help clients adapt to new structures, roles, and procedures. Artificial intelligence is a leading technology that will help companies connect with potential customers and offer them a more personalized quality service that can help them seal numerous deals.

AI and SEO

MSP companies need to plan a complete strategy that includes search engine visibility. AI enables marketing teams to identify industry-specific keywords, although as search engines become more intelligent, the relevance of quantity of content will be equally important.

Just a few tools that can be helpful for keyword searches include Soovle (which obtains keywords from multiple sources), Jaaxy (which provides sizable lists of suggested keywords), and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer (which provides detailed information on everything from first page competition to the number of clicks on given results).

AI in content creation

As is the case for most industries, MSPs have to work to create cracking content to improve their organic search results. Machine learning can be used to track human behavior, analyze how much time users spend looking at different types of content, and understand how they interact with the information you post. Your content marketing teams can then create the type of content (be it video, text, reports or social media posts) that resonate with your clients.

AI can also reveal the key values your company needs to align with if it is to be seen as modern and committed. One of these is diversity. Inclusivity in e-commerce marketing involves valuing the diversity of your audiences as well as its specific needs. When analyzing the success of your strategies, take note of how embracing various racial, ethnic, socioeconomic differences can make a big difference in areas such as customer loyalty.

AI in digital advertising

AI is currently being used by a plethora of industries on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Google to analyze audiences’ interests, tastes, demographics, gender, age, and other key information. Gartner’s Annual CMO Spend Survey Research 2020 indicates that 73 percent of CMOS feel that global digital spending will enjoy robust growth in 2021. A staggering 95 percent of those surveyed felt that outcomes in this sector would be positive.

AI can be used to analyze millions of pieces of data, with MSPs using this information to target relevant advertisements to the right users. They can use programmatic advertising to deliver messages at the right time, and even create different campaigns for specific client groups.

MSPs will be bouncing back in 2021, with many having to face new challenges – including that of appealing to clients that may have significantly changed the way they work. MSPs can take advantage of AI to work out how they can best deliver news about their new services and plans to clients. From SEO to content creation and digital advertising, AI will be playing a vital role in practically every stage of the digital marketing game.

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