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The mounting pressure of ongoing political conflicts has made its way into cyberspace, impacting organizations around the world. With new phishing campaigns targeting aid donations to victims and new malware and denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against government departments, it’s important to continue monitoring this evolving situation.

MSPs stand at the center of these attacks, which are actively impacting the future of the cybersecurity landscape. Effective incident response strategies are now more important than ever before, especially for MSPs dealing with the brunt of these intensified threats.

Understanding the intensified cyberthreat landscape

To help MSPs better understand today’s intensified cyberthreat landscape, Barracuda’s leading analysts from our Security Operations Center (SOC) will host an MSP-focused threat intelligence briefing on March 10, 2022, at 12:00pm EST.

Join Merium Khalid, Manager, Security Platform Engineer, John Port, Senior Cyber Security Analyst, and Satya Alladi, Senior Platform Security Engineer, for a live webinar as they share the tactics and malware the Barracuda MSP team are seeing in the wild and discuss the global impact of these attacks.

Merium, John, and Satya will provide insights into:

  • The global impacts of the intensified cyberthreat landscape
  • Actionable advice for MSPs to mitigate cyber risks for their customers and themselves
  • How Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR is responding and learn what steps are being taking to ensure safety of our MSP partners and customers

Don’t miss this live presentation followed by a Q&A session. Save your spot now and gather the info you need to stay ahead of the latest cyberthreats.

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Daniel Park

Posted by Daniel Park

Daniel Park is a technology marketing professional with experience in the B2B and cybersecurity landscapes. As a Content Marketing Associate for Barracuda MSP, he supports MSPs leveraging the SKOUT Managed XDR platform with regular updates, resources and tools.

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