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How confident are you that your SMB customers and their employees know how to recognize a phishing attack? Most likely the answer is not very. According to Barracuda’s 2018 Email Security Trends Report, 84 percent of IT security professionals said poor employee behavior is a greater email security concern than inadequate tools.

The solution? Better security awareness training. In the email security trends report, 98 percent of respondents said there are better ways to train employees than traditional classroom-style education.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Managed PhishLine, a new service for MSPs. To give you an inside look at the new addition to our professional services offering and how it can help your business, we talked to Jayne Haggard from the Managed PhishLine team.

Q&A on Managed PhishLine

What is Managed PhishLine?

Managed PhishLine makes it possible for you to provide sophisticated phishing simulation and security awareness training to your customers without creating added work for you or your techs. Our team will handle campaign planning, execution, and reporting so you don’t have to.

The monthly campaigns we create will be a mix of phishing simulation emails and interactive training materials. We’ll also send you regular reports that are branded with your logo and show who clicked on what, so you can easily share this information with your customers.

What do I have to do as an MSP?

As an MSP, all you need to do to get started with Managed PhishLine is provide a list of the email addresses you want to receive the monthly campaigns and send us a copy of your logo. We’ll also give you some easy-to-follow instructions to set up any necessary whitelisting in your customers’ systems to ensure that they receive the PhishLine emails. We’ll take care of the rest.

How does it help MSPs?

Managed PhishLine benefits MSPs in a few different ways. First of all, it makes it easy for you to add this type of security awareness training to your managed services offering, and you get to maximize the value of the service because our team will be running the campaigns for you. You’ll also get regular reports that you can share with your customers to highlight the value of the training they’re receiving.

Plus, you’ll be turning your customers’ employees into a strength instead of a liability by helping them get smarter about email security. I think this is one of the most important benefits because by educating end users, you can help reduce the number of email-related security incidents you need to respond to as an MSP. Here at Barracuda MSP, we like to think of it as building a human firewall.

Which customers are a good fit for this solution?

Any customer that’s concerned about email security, but it can be especially attractive to customers that have fallen victim to email-based threats or phishing attacks in the past. It’s also a good fit for customers in highly regulated industries such as health care or finance because many regulations such as HIPAA or FINRA require organizations to have security training programs.

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