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Have you heard the good news? Barracuda MSP is joining forces with CompTIA to deliver a global MSP Day celebration for 2020.

Two years ago, Barracuda, a leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions, created the world’s first MSP Day — a movement designed to build an interactive, connected, and collaborative community of IT managed service providers. MSP Day was founded to recognize and celebrate the emerging MSP sector, providing MSPs, vendors, and end-user customers with an opportunity to come together and share successes, best practices, and industry insights.

As we find ourselves in the midst of the global COVID-19 crisis, social distancing, and self-isolation, this purpose is more important than ever in galvanizing the industry and creating a sense of togetherness, as we rise to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

This year we are going global virtually with this initiative, and will be taking it to all corners of the world on May 21, 2020. To reflect this important step, we will be working alongside our premier partner, CompTIA, the world’s leading voice and advocate for the $5.2 trillion global information technology ecosystem and the 75 million industry and tech professionals who help power the world’s economy. With such an impressive pedigree, CompTIA is the perfect partner to support Barracuda’s global MSP Day initiative.

Great opportunities on the horizon for MSPs

According to the latest industry estimates in CompTIA’s ‘Trends in Managed Services report, managed services spending is expected to increase from $292.4B in 2019 to $319.5B by 2024. In addition, nearly 3 in 10 MSSPs say they expect significant growth in the MSSP part of their business in the next two years, and over half (52 percent) of MSPs polled stated that gaining more skills in cybersecurity will help ensure solid market performance over the next two years.

“These are challenging, unprecedented times for everyone,” said Nancy Hammervik, executive vice president for industry relations at CompTIA. “The technology industry generally, and the MSP community in particular, have stepped and answered the call on so many levels to help get us through this crisis. Trusted managed service partners are ensuring that their customers can continue to operate in safe, working environments. CompTIA is pleased to join with Barracuda in celebrating the global MSP community for all its efforts.”

What can you expect from MSP Day 2020?

A cornerstone of our MSP Days in 2018 and 2019 was ‘The Evolving Landscape of the MSP Business’ report, a state-of-the-nation study into the key factors relating to the managed services sector across EMEA. The research examined a range of issues, from the composition of service offerings to the commercial drivers that are accelerating MSP adoption. The 2019 findings revealed a flourishing market exhibiting strong growth, momentum, and a rise in SME trust of MSP offerings.

Above all, the findings celebrated the difference that managed services are making to EMEA businesses each day and shone a light on the specific areas MSPs can work on to further enhance the experience and commercial benefits for all concerned.

This year, we will revisit the progress that has been made over the past two years, gain further insights, and expand to a global MSP audience to make the 2020 report more comprehensive and insightful than ever before. We will continue building on the themes from last year, and focus on emerging challenges and opportunities for the new decade.

How can you get involved?

For technology creators, distributors, and providers, MSP Day 2020 provides a significant opportunity to build partnerships with like-minded organizations. We encourage you to register for this virtual event, so you can take advantage of all these opportunities.

It’s incredibly useful for companies to gain feedback from their peers about how they’ve successfully developed and sold managed services for businesses in a range of dynamic industries. This level of information is guaranteed to increase knowledge and uncover useful best practice tips to aid business growth.

We will be announcing a range of MSP Day-related initiatives that we have been working on with CompTIA – all designed to ensure that May 21, 2020 will enable MSPs across the globe to benchmark their progress on their journey towards embracing managed services.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Have your say by taking part in the ‘2020 Evolving MSP Landscape’ survey and get access to the official report findings as soon as they go live.

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Brian Babineau

Posted by Brian Babineau

Brian Babineau is Senior Vice President and General Manager for Barracuda MSP. In this role, he is responsible for the company’s managed services business, a dedicated team focused on enabling partners to easily deliver affordable IT solutions to customers.

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