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MSP sales

Many IT service providers have their hands full, focusing on client monitoring, refining, and repairing their IT infrastructure. As a result, attention on MSP’s sales sometimes falls by the wayside. It’s tough juggling both of these aspects of running an MSP, and you’re likely being asked to do more with less.

For example, the number of sales reps you’re expected to manage increases. The result? You tend to focus on the top performers. This means some of the opportunities for gaining valuable customer, sales funnel, and competitive intel is being lost.

The top five percent don’t have much room to grow, but those taking up the rear, or tail end, have a significant upside. In many cases, one additional transaction for just 10 percent of the “tail” reps will lead to double-digit growth.

Forward-thinking, ambitious MSPs are searching for ways to increase their revenue organically. So, show your MSP sales reps some love. Here are the three ways to get more from your representatives to drive growth:

Connect with the 95 percent

Open a two-way dialogue, show them you’re there, and you’re listening. Eliminate communication barriers and connect directly with the 95 percent of reps who are not as engaged as they could be.

At the same time, you can gather valuable front-line intel about your service, the selling process, and the competition. That’s when both you and the reps can begin to make a difference to the bottom line.

Implement targeted learning

Do you have a training platform and strategy? If not, you should. Not only does it enable you to analyze a rep’s progress and encourage and influence achievement, training also instills confidence and trust. Yet only 35 percent of companies provide practical training and development for sales reps.

Employ prescriptive learning strategies with precise positioning to further increase understanding and confidence. Switch it up with gamification to your training and education. Never let your reps get bored or complacent.

Offer full-spectrum incentives

Give incentives not just for closing a sale but also for completing training. Each rep is motivated by different incentive types. From experiences to merchandise to rewards cards and even cash e-Transfers, a wide variety of incentives are not only in demand, but expected in today’s multi-generational workforce.

You should always administer rewards promptly to build and maintain trust, keep the momentum going and optimize engagement. Also, connect with your vendors to see if they offer any training programs, incentive programs, webinars, promotions, etc. Take advantage of any edge they can provide.

Finally, consider developing a training platform and strategy in-house or with a third-party vendor. If you focus on your sales rep’s knowledge and growth, there will always be an improvement. Take care of your reps, and they will take care of your business.

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