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Continuing with our series of MSP spotlight sessions we are hosting in the run up to Global MSP Day on May 21stwe spoke with Simon Gurner, Owner of Sunrise Technologies based in the UK. Simon began his journey in managed services in 2003 and is highly experienced within the industry. During our chat, he weighed in on how MSPs are adapting in an evolving market, and how he expects them to respond insights shared in the upcoming “Evolving MSP Landscape” Report. 

Here is a summary of our conversation. 

Q&A with Simon Gurner

Q: How did you get started offering managed services?

We’ve always offered managed services, even from our start back in 2003 in the way of maintenance/support contracts, broadband services, and even web hosting with email, which are all still early forms of managed services.

From a quantifiable ‘product’ point of view though, it would be the onset of Office 365 that really was the turning point back in 2011. We were early adopters and whilst it was a hard sell to start, once we were over that, other vendors soon followed suit and made it easier.

Q: How has the role of MSPs evolved over the last 3 years?

For us, it’s the mindset we look at with our customers. The preference is now monthly services over one off or annual purchases where possible, so customers can budget better. Security has now grown to be a key early talking point, and the model is definitely cloud over local server where possible – especially in the smaller business market.

Q: If you could give someone who is just starting out in offering Managed Services one piece of advice, what would it be?

Look at packaging products together to offer solutions. Packaged solutions often offer greater value to customers, which they will recognize and appreciate.

Q: What do you see as your main opportunities in the next 1-2 years?

More emphasis on security and protection. The other stuff just grows, but whilst we’ve always provided security products and services, I see more opportunity here with the threats only increasing. Business continuity is also up there.

Despite some of those “I told you so” moments (I’m sure we’ve all had recently), we’ve been able to get our customers working pretty seamlessly – prepared or not. But it’s opened our customer’s eyes too, more so with the speed things changed. Just being a little more prepared with pre-planning is something I believe we can capitalise on.

Q: What do you see as the core security services MSPs must be offering to be successful?

I believe this depends on the size of the business. For us, mail and data protection is key – not only secured, but also backed up.

Q: Will you be celebrating “MSP Day” on May 21st, and if so, how?

MSP Day gives us a chance to reflect. I will spend some time understanding how other MSPs are getting on, reading their feedback, and listening in.

Simon will be sharing his MSP journey on Global MSP Day, where he will be talking about how his business has grown and changed over the years, as well as the hurdles he has had to overcome to stay ahead in the industry. Be sure to register to make sure you don’t miss out on this great event!

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