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more_effective_sales_teamAs an MSP, you know you need to bring in new customers if you want to grow your managed services business. If you’re like most MSPs, this is something you’re used to taking care of yourself, and you just know what you’re looking for in a good prospect.

As your business grows, though, you need to build a sales team and transition to having them take the lead in the MSP sales process. This includes setting your team up for success by establishing a smart sales process and passing on the lessons you’ve learned along the way.

There are three key questions that you need to consider to make sure everyone on your sales team is on the same page and using their time effectively.

1. What’s your customer profile?

Before you send your sales reps off to find new leads, you need to come to an agreement about exactly what types of companies you want to target and who the right contacts are at those companies. For example, maybe you want to focus on small businesses in a specific vertical or with a certain number of employees.

Once you settle on a profile of the type of customers you want, you need to communicate those priorities to your sales team so they don’t waste time talking to the wrong people.

2. How do you define a lead?

It is also important to establish the difference between a raw lead and a qualified lead—and make sure your sales and marketing departments are in agreement. This will help filter leads so your sales reps can focus on better leads and spend time trying to turn them into opportunities. It will also help you fine tune your lead generation efforts so you’re cultivating more qualified leads.

3. How do you define an opportunity?

Having a clear understanding of what you need to learn to turn a lead into an opportunity is another key to finding sales success. Figure out what questions need to be answered to make this switch, and then make sure all your sales reps are prepared to ask those questions. Getting those answers will guide your sales conversations and help your team present the right solutions at the right time.

How to develop a high-performing MSP sales team

To learn more about how to improve your MSP sales process and motivate your sales team effectively, download How to Develop a High-Performing Sales Team. This step-by-step recipe will walk you through how to qualify leads and opportunities, establish a sales process, build a repeatable sales model, and set up a compensation plan that fits your business model. Download your copy today!

Recipes for Success is a monthly series of step-by-step guides designed to help managed services providers improve and grow their businesses. Each month we’ll introduce a different recipe that will walk you through how to tackle a specific improvement. Stay tuned for the companion video series Remix, where you’ll get expert advice on how to take the recipe to the next level. 

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