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service tiers

Let’s face it. As a managed service provider, your life can be complicated. Between keeping up with help desk tickets, managing routine backups and maintenance, and fielding other customer requests—not to mention trying to sell your services to new prospects—you have an impressive amount of tasks to juggle.

That’s why it’s important to simplify how you package your services by creating service tiers. It will make life easier for you—and your customers.

Service tiers can transform your business in three key ways:

  1. Easier billing and budgeting. With a set number of tiered service packages, the amount you bill will be more predictable from month to month, and you won’t have to deal with an endless combination of special cases like you do when customers can pick and choose what they want. Service tiers will make invoices more predictable for your customers as well, which they’ll appreciate.
  2. Simplify the sales process. Bundling different levels of service into easy-to-understand packages also speeds up the sales process. The options you’re explaining will be more straightforward, and it gives you an opportunity to emphasize the added value you bring to the table.
  3. Drive more MRR. Tiered packages give you a chance to make services like backup and recovery a standard offering. This allows you to make sure all your customers have a basic level of protection, and these types of services generate recurring revenue each month. Embracing this model can help you transition break-fix customers to recurring contracts too.

The simple steps to building service tiers as an MSP

Learn how to create your own service tiers by downloading How to Create Service Tiers, the first step-by-step guide in Intronis’ new Recipes for Success series. This simple recipe breaks down the process into four simple, actionable steps to help you build service tiers that will meet the needs of your customers. Download your copy today.

Recipes for Success is a monthly series of step-by-step guides designed to help managed services providers improve and grow their businesses. Each month we’ll introduce a different recipe that will walk you thorough how to tackle a specific improvement. Stay tuned for the companion video series Remix, where you’ll get expert advice on how to take the recipe to the next level. 

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Anne Campbell

Posted by Anne Campbell

Anne Campbell is the public relations manager for Barracuda. She's been with the organization since 2014, working on content and public relations for Barracuda MSP, the MSP-dedicated business unit of Barracuda. She started her career in newspaper and magazine journalism, and she brings that editorial point of view the work she does, using it to help craft compelling stories.

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