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Threat intelligence is the fuel that drives the effectiveness of an XDR and a Security Operations Center (SOC). Having a comprehensive collection of threat intelligence can drive down the number of false-positive alerts, enhance threat detection capabilities, and enrich SOC intelligence for customers.  

Barracuda XDR is thrilled to announce that it has now integrated Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP) into our threat intelligence framework. This integration significantly enhances the already robust threat detection capabilities of Barracuda XDR.  

By incorporating MISP, Barracuda XDR can now process millions of additional Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), including malicious IPs, URLs, hashes, and domains. This wealth of data greatly enriches the alerts generated by our Security Operations Center, providing our customers with a great resource to safeguard against cyberattacks. Building upon our existing threat intelligence, crowd-sourced intelligence across all Barracuda products, and our partnership with Virus Total, the addition of MISP elevates our total threat intelligence coverage to over 11 billion IOCs. 

Quick facts on MISP threat intelligence: 

  1. Over 40 distinct feeds contribute millions of new IOCs to MISP. 
  2. Feeds are derived from sources such as cybercrime reports, honeypots, IP/domain scanners, and malware samples.  
  3. IOCs encompass URLs, domains, file hashes, and IP addresses. 
  4. Our SOC enriches MISP with custom threat intelligence gathered through daily investigations and research activities. 
  5. MISP can be extended with additional modules, allowing Barracuda XDR to add custom features and functionalities tailored to their specific needs. 

The integration of MISP into Barracuda XDR threat intelligence marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest level of protection for our customers. We are confident that this enhancement will enable us to stay at the forefront of the evolving threat landscape, equipping our customers with unparalleled security. By incorporating MISP and its wealth of threat data, our 24x7x365 SOC teams are better positioned than ever to mitigate risks and defend against emerging cyber threats. This continuous vigilance ensures MSPs, and their customers can trust Barracuda XDR to keep them secure in an ever-changing threat environment. 

Photo: Golden Dayz / Shutterstock

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Alex Dangel

Posted by Alex Dangel

Alex Dangel is a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer for the global Barracuda SOC Red Team, specializing in Threat Intelligence and Detection Engineering. Boasting over 7 years of industry experience, he possesses an extensive knowledge of latest cybersecurity threats, tools, and trends.

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