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msp marketing next frontierIf there’s one thing I do well it’s marketing managed IT services. You see, over the years the world has changed, but many of you haven’t. I bet you’re still trying to build a business by selling “immediate ROI” or, in other words, “instant gratification.” This unhealthy desire to get everything right now results in a disappointed MSP business owner, especially when it comes to their marketing efforts.

Telesales and email marketing are dying

Over the years, there’s been a steady decline in the overall effectiveness of telemarketing. It’s like a vine decaying on your healthy MSP practice. Want to squeeze out that last bit of juice before we kiss telemarketing good-bye forever? If you want to know what I mean, just look at your own behavior: 

  • Do you answer every telemarketer’s call?
  • For the ones that squeak through, you probably figure out a way to transfer them to someone else, right?
  • You don’t want the telesales calls, but you still use telemarketing for your MSP business. Does this make sense?

Email marketing is also going the way of the dodo bird. Open rates have never been so low. Applications like Sanebox send your emails into the abyss where recipients don’t even unsubscribe. They simple drag and drop your emails into an endless black hole where they will never be opened.

The next frontier—social media marketing

I have to admit something. (This may be a little ego stroking on my side.) I’ve seen the social media trend brewing since 2009. It’s like a mid-August hurricane out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

For example, Facebook has been in my arsenal for 10 years now, and Twitter has been there too ever since Arlin Sorensen, Karl Palachuk, Erick Simpson, and I presented at a DC IT Conference in 2009. There are many other vehicles as well.

However, many MSP business owners still hang on to the belief that Facebook is a security risk. Or they say, “My clients aren’t on Facebook.” Guess what? They are. And you’re right. Facebook, just like email and web surfing, is a security risk, but you need to get over it.

Social media is the next frontier for MSPs to start spreading their marketing message. This is where your clients spend hours each day. I remember an important lesson that marketing guru Gary Vanyerchuk shared: “Market to where the attention is.” In this case, the attention is on social media and on social media on mobile devices.

What should you do?  Well, first you should attend a special webinar, “Stop Viewing Social Media Like an Iceburg,” on May 17 at 2 p.m. Eastern, where Susan Macool, Intronis MSP Solutions, and I will teach you about social media marketing for MSPs.

Will I show you absolutely everything you need to know? Probably not—but you’ll get a headstart over your competitors who are still trying to figure out RMM, patch management, telemarketing, and even email marketing.

Social Media is the next frontier for you to include in your marketing plan.  We’ll teach you how to get started, so register today.

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Stuart Crawford

Posted by Stuart Crawford

Stuart Crawford is the CEO and Creative Director with Ulistic. Ulistic specializes in working with IT service companies globally helping them connect with their markets and achieve stratospheric success. Need help? Please feel free to reach out to Stuart and his team at Ulistic. Every day, they help managed IT services companies overcome many of the challenges they have with marketing. Learn more about Ulistic at or call 716-799-1999.

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