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Last week we were at the Navigate Conference in Melbourne. Navigate is a two-day event dedicated for managed IT services providers.

It was great to see many MSP partners from Melbourne and other states flocking to the show, eager to learn and chat with vendors like Barracuda MSP. There was a lot in store at Navigate, with a range of speaking sessions on technologies, trends, and business tips from global IT leaders.

One of the highlights was Steve Baxter’s session. Steve is well known in Australia for his tech entrepreneurship and his appearances as a ‘Shark’ on Shark Tank Australia.

As part of his talk, Steve shared his journey and offered MSPs some of his tips including why business owners should always have a plan to scale their businesses and setting KPIs for staff performance why owners should avoid operating a business that only depends on themselves, and much more!

While at Navigate 2019, we fielded many questions from MSPs about Barracuda MSP, our solutions, and how we partner with MSPs. Here are the three most common questions asked by MSP partners during the conference and our responses to each.

Top 3 questions asked by MSPs

1. What is Barracuda MSP?

Barracuda MSP is the dedicated business arm of Barracuda Networks. Through our award-winning products and purpose-built MSP platform, we focus on enabling IT managed service providers to offer multi-layered security and data protection services to their customers. Barracuda MSP has a partners-first approach that focuses on providing enablement resources, channel expertise, and scalable solutions that are designed around the way IT managed service providers create solutions and do business.


2. How does your Email Security work?

Barracuda MSP’s email security solutions are powered by threat intelligence from Barracuda Security Insight. It can help detect, prevent, and recover your customers from advanced malware, ransomware, phishing attempts, and more.

There are three products under our email security pillar: Barracuda Essentials, Barracuda Sentinel, and Managed PhishLine. Barracuda Essentials provides cloud-based advanced targeted attack protection, security, email continuity, encryption and data leakage protection, and archiving.

Barracuda Sentinel offers spear phishing protection, while Managed PhishLine is the interactive end user phishing simulation and security awareness training.


3. I have heard of Barracuda. Didn’t you used to do Backup appliances?

Yes, but we do so much more now. For backup, whether you keep on-premises appliance-based backups or prefer a hardware-agnostic approach, we offer flexibility, so you can meet the needs of your SMBs. Barracuda Backup is a local and cloud backup appliance-based solution that can be deployed in under an hour. It provides streamlined backup and recovery services for MSPs to support physical, virtual, or multi-site environments. If you prefer a software-only solution, Intronis Backup is fully rebrandable solution that you can use to protect your customers data, applications, and servers, both locally and in the cloud.

Have more questions?

If you are an MSP in Australia and didn’t get the chance to meet the team at the Navigate, please contact us to discover how we can shape your path to success!

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Beatrice Lam

Posted by Beatrice Lam

Beatrice is a Field Marketing Manager at Barracuda MSP. She oversees the marketing operations for APAC focusing on IT managed service providers. Her role is to expand the MSP network in the region, drive technology adoption, and help MSPs scale their business.

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