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Most people don’t realize that having a reliable cloud backup in place is not only an effective way of securing company data, but also allows for more efficient business processes. One example of this is in the case of off-boarding an employee.

3 ways cloud backup simplifies the employee off-boarding process

  1. Unlimited data retention ensures you are always protected

Cloud backups can secure your data for as long as you need it to. If you’re operating in a highly regulated industry where audits are common and you cannot afford data loss, cloud backups ensure that you can offboard employees worry-free.

  1. Cloud backup conserves deleted contacts

Employees will frequently erase files, delete emails, and/or empty their recycle bins before leaving a company. In most cases, once an employee does this and leaves your company, the data is almost always irrecoverable and gone forever. Even a native Office 365 backup won’t be able to protect you in scenarios like this. Having a reliable cloud backup in place enables your MSP to ensure that all your files are still accessible after an employee leaves your company, regardless of how many days have passed since that time.

  1. Out of place file restore eliminates unnecessary stress

What happens if your new employee needs access to a specific mailbox, email conversation, or set of OneDrive or Dropbox files that your last employee was handling? Cloud backup makes that easy with point in time or out of place restore. This feature allows you to painlessly grab any file you need at any point in time and restore it to a mailbox or location of your choice.

Cloud backup saves resources and effort

I don’t need to tell you how cumbersome and exhausting off-boarding employees can be when you are managing it entirely through the native process. Having a proper cloud backup system in place will help make your employee offboarding process simple, so you can focus on running your company at maximum efficiency.

Want some more tips for implementing a cloud backup solution? Give us a call at 646-837-8578 and we’ll help you get started.

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