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Partner Program

We’re excited to share that Barracuda has announced new enhancements to the Barracuda Partner Success Program aimed at increasing partner margin and profitability and expanding technical enablement for channel partners and distributors. The new investments in the Barracuda Partner Success Program include more favorable partner and distribution compensation models, including discounts and rebates, and expanded technical enablement and resources.

Benefits for channel partners

Let’s take a closer look at the new enhancements and the ways they help channel partners:

  • Improving partner compensation models globally. Including new discounts and rebates for top-tier partners and the expansion of internal offerings to create more opportunities for partners to maximize their revenue.
  • Strengthening distribution. Newly redesigned compensation models support long-term business growth for partners by putting them in a better position to recruit new customers and enable and secure their businesses.
  • Enhancing the partner sales and technical enablement. Provides access to four new partner technical certification courses and expanded technical enablement resources. This includes making it easier for partners to build customized, trackable links to the Barracuda Email Threat Scanner and access reporting on their customer scans.

What people are saying

“As a trusted partner, Barracuda’s commitment to enhancing its partner program contributes meaningfully to our ongoing success. The technical enablement tools and resources they provide help us to optimize the customer experience, which sets us apart from the competition and helps us differentiate our offerings in an increasingly competitive business environment.”

— Structured President and CEO, Ron Fowler

“Barracuda’s increased investment in domestic distribution is a clear indication of their commitment to partner success and their focus on distribution as a key driver. We are proud to work with Barracuda in North America to assist our mutual partners in meeting the diverse needs of their customers through Barracuda’s cloud-first cybersecurity solutions.”

— Jessica McDowell, SVP of High Growth Business Development & Strategy, TD SYNNEX

“As a 100% channel-focused company, we strive to put ourselves in our partner’s shoes to understand their unique perspectives better and deliver on their requirements. We call this ‘partner empathy.’ Just three months after launching our global Partner Success program, we are excited to announce key enhancements to the program that will enable our partners to maximize their success through the partner multiplier, leading to greater profitability when they go to market with Barracuda.”

 Jason Beal, Vice President, Worldwide Partner Ecosystems, Barracuda

To learn more about these exciting enhancements, visit Barracuda’s website to read the full press release or reach out to your channel manager with any questions.

Note: This was originally published at Journey Notes

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