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The sales landscape is rapidly evolving, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for managed service providers (MSPs). As technology advances, particularly with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), the way we approach sales is undergoing a significant transformation. In this edition of Ask an MSP Expert, Kendra Lee, President of the KLA Group, shares insights and valuable strategies that can help MSPs adapt and thrive in this dynamic environment. 

Q: How can I achieve my sales goals in this ever-changing landscape? 

To meet this year’s sales goals amidst the evolving landscape, visibility is key. Engage actively in your community and leverage social media platforms to foster a sense of belonging among your audience. Additionally, rethink your offerings to align with the shifting buying trends. 

With a prolonged sales process comes increased confusion and uncertainty among clients and prospects. Combat this with clear and concise communications, including emails, proposals, and social interactions. Be transparent on your website to alleviate any doubts and uncertainties.  

Another key aspect is to be positive. Positive thinking can enhance problem-solving skills and foster stronger relationships with your clients and prospects.  

Q: How can I produce more business development activities? 

Focus on two crucial aspects: digital demand generation and robust marketing efforts. Utilize platforms like LinkedIn for targeted demand generation and email for follow up, while simultaneously investing in marketing to maintain visibility and generate more opportunities in the pipeline. 

Q: What AI tools are best to use in sales and marketing? 

ChatGPT is a highly recommended AI tool for sales. It can help you: 

  • Craft personalized opening statements 
  • Write concise emails, LinkedIn messages, and social posts 
  • Create efficiency and effectiveness in prospecting and communication 

Of course, it is important to review what is produced with any sort of AI and make sure it stays on-brand with your company’s image.  

Q: What should I do if we only have one managed service offering to sell? 

If your offerings are limited, consider diversifying your services or providing additional value through assessments or analyses. Alternatively, prioritize demand generation to offset potentially lowered closing ratios until clients are more comfortable with your services. 

The themes for navigating sales in 2024 are adaptability and be strategic. Retaining existing staff, fostering community engagement, and communicating clearly are crucial steps to overcoming sales challenges. Embrace digital sales hunting, maintain marketing efforts, and explore AI tools like ChatGPT to further elevate sales performance in the evolving business landscape. Embracing these insights and strategies can help MSPs effectively navigate the complexities of sales today and in the future. 

Are you ready to revamp the way you approach sales and marketing in 2024? Watch the webinar replay, MSP Sales Trends You Cannot Ignore in 2024, to learn more information on making the best out of the year ahead! 

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Amber Montgomery

Posted by Amber Montgomery

Amber Montgomery is a Content Marketing Associate at Barracuda MSP. With a sales background, Amber intends to bring what's worked in the past into creating content that can help MSPs grow their business. In her role at Barracuda MSP, she will focus on creating assets to enable MSPs in sales and marketing.

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