Most MSPs could tell you stories about hard-headed gatekeepers and decision makers who bury their heads in the sand, unwilling to hear any amount of reason or argument against their point of view, but don’t worry. If there is anything that keeps marketers optimistic, it’s that there is almost always a way in – you just have to find the right approach.

When decision makers are not heeding your warnings, it’s time to break out the cold, hard facts. Showing them numbers that illustrate the prevalence of and expense associated with data loss, breaches, and downtime can help capture the attention of even the most elusive prospects.

Here are five statistics related to backup and data loss to share with prospects and customers who just don’t seem to realize the importance of investing in comprehensive data protection and security.

To drive home the significance that these statistics hold, be sure to share real-life data loss stories when you encounter them. Whether the victim is a customer of yours or not, they can provide a relatability factor that can make an already influential statistic even more powerful. When all else fails, remind doubting prospects and clients (and yourself) of the power of statistics. After all, numbers don’t lie!

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