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Welcome to The Cloud 5, our weekly feature where we scour the web searching for the five most intriguing and poignant cloud links we can find.

Before we jump into this week’s links, please have a look at one of our recent blog posts, Black Friday is made for the cloud.  On Black Friday, it’s worth pointing out that days like this with temporary traffic spikes were made for the cloud.

And without further delay, here we go with this week’s links:

AWS launches a Secret region for the U.S. intelligence community | TechCrunch

When AWS signed up the CIA a few years ago, it put the argument to rest that intelligence organizations wouldn’t use a public cloud service under any circumstances. This week, AWS announced it was expanding that original vision with a complimentary service for other intelligence agencies, or indeed any government agency that requires a secret clearance.

Capital One’s Critical Stack launches beta for Kubernetes, container orchestration | ZDNet

Capital One was an early user of Critical Stack, a version of Kubernetes that includes an extra container security layer for institutions like, well, banks. They liked it so much that they decided to buy the company, and this week they entered the software business with the release of a Beta of the tool. They intend to sell Critical Stack as a stand-alone software product.

Microsoft Azure Stack vs OpenStack for your on-prem solution | HPE

We are seeing a lot of talk about private clouds, and two of the more popular offerings right now are Microsoft Azure Stack and OpenStack, the open source solution. This article analyzes the pros and cons of each one.

Facebook looks to wind power for Nebraska data center |

As web-scale companies open more data centers, they have found ways to increase efficiency and run the underlying systems with cheaper and cleaner energy. Facebook has been doing this for years and plans to continue that trend with its newest data center in Nebraska, which runs entirely on wind power.

Red Hat integrates its OpenShift container platform with AWS services | SiliconANGLE

We often talk about how the cloud creates interesting and strange alliances, and this week we saw Red Hat announcing a deal with AWS to run its OpenShift, Kubernetes container orchestration tool on AWS.

Photo Credit: Tomma Henckel. Used under CC 2.0 license.


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