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Global MSP Day

The managed service provider (MSP) community is gearing up for the seventh annual Global MSP Day 2024 on June 6! This day is dedicated to you, the MSPs, to acknowledge your unwavering commitment and resilience to your customers. connected with a few MSPs to hear their thoughts on some of the top opportunities and challenges they expect for the remainder of 2024, as well as what being an MSP truly means to them. Here’s what some of your peers had to say:  

What does being an MSP mean to you? 

“Providing our customers with the best solutions for their needs, tailored to their business.” (Nico Cartenstadt, Office Manager, GOit BV)  

“Being able to provide and assist a multitude of customers.” (Matthew Thompson, Technical Team Lead, Microcomms)  

“Bringing expertise to the customers in the form of a full-fledged service” (Etienne Vander Elst, CISO, Uniwan)  

“A Managed Service Provider: A team helping your business manage all things IT.” (Matthew Hickman, Jr. Network Engineer, Integracon Technologies, LLC)  

“Looking after companies that don’t have time to do IT.” (Dave Jung, Internal Ops Manager, Fully Managed)  

“Providing solutions to our customers.” (Scott Kandel, Senior Customer Care Engineer, EDCi) 

What are the top challenges that you and your company see for the remainder of 2024? 

“Competition, price settings, the general economy” (Nico Cartenstadt)  

“Malware/Ransomware” (Matthew Thompson)  

“Standardization across different customer verticals.” (Etienne Vander Elst)  

“Fighting the changes in security risks.” (Matthew Hickman)  

“Staffing.” (Dave Jung)  

“Phishing schemes.” (Scott Kandel)  

What are the top opportunities that you and your company see for the remainder of 2024? 

“Increasing business with existing customers and potentially some new ones.” (Nico Cartenstadt)  

“New customers and equipment.” (Matthew Thompson)  

“All of the forthcoming regulatory compliance framework changes are driving many significant opportunities.” (Etienne Vander Elst)  

“Revenue and product growth with implementation of security products.” (Matthew Hickman)  

“Cyber security.” (Dave Jung)  

“Training end users.” (Scott Kandel)  

Join us on this special day! 

We have a great lineup planned to celebrate MSPs! We will kick off the day with our virtual events filled with insights, industry expertise from amazing speakers, and a closer look into the highly anticipated report: The Evolving Landscape of the MSP Business Report 2024. The virtual events are followed by in-person events in a number of cities around the world.

Celebrate with us on June 6, reserve your spot now! 

The regional virtual events will take place at the following times:  

  • Asia Pacific – 11 AM AEST | 9 AM SGT 
  • Europe – 11 AM CEST | 10 AM BST 
  • Americas – 1 PM EDT | 10 AM PDT 

Interested in joining an in-person event? Check out the in-person event locations to see if there’s a celebration happening in your local area! Come one, come all, for the seventh annual Global MSP Day 2024! 

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