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June 1st is quickly approaching, and the excitement is building! We’re looking forward to a collaborative Global MSP Day. As we get closer to the big day, SmarterMSP surveyed MSPs to learn what it means to be an MSP, as well as some of the challenges and opportunities they anticipate this year.

What does being an MSP mean to you?

“Being an MSP means being able to help our customers achieve success.” (Mike Conradi, IT Consultant, Servicad Inc) 

“Helping the IT illiterate do their business effectively and, most of all, securely!” (Cary Wagner, CEO, Pacific NorthWest Managed IT Services) 

“It means bring a duty-oriented strategic business partner.” (Moss Jacobson, VP of Sales and Marketing, CTN Solutions) 

“Providing SMB’s enterprise quality support that is affordable.” (Scott Coates, Manager of IT Services, Servicad Inc.) 

Providing excellent customer service while also providing modern IT recommendations at a reasonable price point.” (Matthew Hickman, Jr. Network Engineer, Integracon Technologies) 

“It means customer service and proactively helping whenever possible.” (Lisa Hall, IT Support Manager, Natural Networks) 

Serving my partners with top notch security products.” (Roy Miehe, CEO, MspPortal Partners Inc.)

What are the top challenges that you and your company see for the remainder of 2023?

“To get our customers onboard with improving their security stacks to where they need to be.” (Mike Conradi) 

“Convincing said folks that they need protecting. That the ‘we’re too small to be a target’ thinking are the most at risk.” (Cary Wagner) 

“Time to make decisions by prospects is leadings to longer sales cycles. This is leaving many orgs open with high risk as they delay improvements to cybersecurity posture.” (Moss Jacobson) 

“The importance of security in the SMB world and the challenge of getting past the I’m too small, they don’t care about me attitude.” (Scott Coates) 

Ever increasing prices from vendors.” (Matthew Hickman) 

“Keeping up with all the changes inherent in our field” (Lisa Hall) 

Keeping my partners alive with service and the current economic environment.” (Roy Miehe) 

What are the top opportunities that you and your company see for the remainder of 2023?

“Leveraging Barracuda to help our customers improve their security stack with TEP, XDR, etc…” (Mike Conradi) 

“Security, primarily. Simplification and digital transformation secondly.” (Cary Wagner) 

“All of the forthcoming regulatory compliance framework changes are driving many significant opportunities.” (Moss Jacobson) 

“Security!” (Scott Coates) 

Client growth, more marketing.” (Matthew Hickman) 

“Azure.” (Lisa Hall) 

“Growing my relationships with new partners.” (Roy Miehe) 

Join us!

We can’t wait to experience this insightful day with the MSP community. Leave a comment on this post to share what being an MSP means to you. If you haven’t registered for Global MSP Day yet, there’s still time! Join us to celebrate MSPs around the world. Also, registering for the event ensures that you’ll be first in line to receive our 2023 Evolving Landscape of the MSP Business Report.

Depending on your region, the virtual event will be taking place at the following times: 

  • Asia Pacific – 11 AM AEST – 12 PM AEST 
  • Europe – 11 AM CEST – 12 PM CEST 
  • Americas – 1 PM EDT – 2 PM EDT 

If you’d like to celebrate with us in person, check out our in-person location details here!

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Posted by Morgan Pratt

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