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In the third episode of The PT Services Group’s PT Buzz podcast, John Pojeta, Vice President of Business Development at PT, welcomes Jimmy Hatzell of Barracuda Managed XDR, for a conversation about how a Security Operations Center (SOC) can help protect their customers.

As cyberthreats are escalating both in volume and sophistication, SOCs can be a valuable asset. The conversation with Jimmy delves into four considerations about SOCs.

The value of early detection in cyberthreats

The frequency of ransomware attacks on significant companies and public infrastructure is well documented in the media. However, every day, smaller companies and organizations are under attack from paralyzing ransomware attacks. Constant monitoring and swift action are critical early steps to successfully weathering an attack. Jimmy does an excellent job illustrating the benefits of early threat detection.

What should a response to a cyber threat look like?

The response is not entirely about the interaction with the bad actor. Actions and resources that are in place before an attack are vital to a successful response. It cannot be overstated that everyone should be looking at cyber-attacks as an inevitability, and not from the perspective of “this will never happen to me.”

Marketing strategies to sell SOC services

From a marketing perspective, how can MSP’s successfully educate and encourage clients to adopt a SOC? Additionally, how can access to a SOC be a selling point for prospects? Jimmy and John discuss tactics around making the case to clients that the need for a SOC is palatable and desirable.

Finding the right SOC

Lastly, Jimmy and John consider the pros and cons of developing your own SOC or partnering with a vendor to provide a SOC. There are various factors to consider, and breaking them down is helpful for making an informed decision.

Be sure to check out our previous podcasts that look at ransomware attacks, including the implications for MSPs and their clients, security-centric recommendations for cyber security success. Future episodes will address a variety of trends and opportunities for MSP businesses, with insights that MSPs can implement for more robust security protocols.

For more insights on how MSPs can help clients practice good cyber hygiene, register for John’s upcoming webinar, which will take place on Wednesday, December 8 at 11am (ET). John will provide some cybersecurity best practices for MSPs to implement and discuss ways that MSPs can be more successful when pitching potential clients on their services.

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John Pojeta

Posted by John Pojeta

John has been the VP of Business Development at PT Services for ten years. During that time, he's helped numerous MSPs positively impact their business growth. He is a respected and published author on various topics related to sales, marketing, and disrupting business models to achieve new success. John also researches new business types and manages and initiates strategic, corporate-level relationships to expand exposure for The PT Services Group. Reach John by phone at: 412-291-6685 or email

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