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As we approach the full bloom of Spring, it’s easy to see how the IT channel might be looking beyond this landmark to the next big date in their calendars: May 23rd, and the second annual MSP Day.

The global managed services market is expected to grow from $152.45B in 2017 to $257.84B by 2022. This phenomenal growth is driven by several factors, including budget constraints for the installation and implementation of hardware and software, limited IT resources to manage and support managed services, and businesses’ need for greater scalability.

That’s a huge opportunity which has been made possible through increasing collaboration between the creators, distributors, and providers of technology to businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries.

MSP Day was created in 2018 to help create an interactive and connected community with the unified purpose of making managed services more understandable, trustworthy, and significant. It was a chance for the IT industry to get together to share success, best practices, and insights in order to give businesses in the UK the best possible managed services experience.

Thankfully, it showed enough promise that we’re doing it again. This time, we’re expanding to the rest of Europe (insert your own Brexit joke here).

Revisiting the State of the MSP Nation Report

A cornerstone of MSP Day 2018 was The evolving landscape of the MSP Business report, a state-of-the-nation study into the managed services outlook of UK SMEs and the channel partners who serve them. The research examined a range of issues, from the composition of service offerings to the commercial drivers that are accelerating MSP adoption. Its findings revealed a buoyant market exhibiting signs of rapid maturity, with strong competition and high levels of satisfaction for those on both sides of the service delivery interface.

Above all, the findings celebrated the difference that managed services are making to UK businesses on a daily basis. While the general picture is positive, there remain many specific areas for MSPs to work on to improve the experience and commercial benefits.

To gauge what progress has been made, we’re revisiting the report for 2019, polling MSPs across EMEA on the themes from last year, as well as some new emerging challenges and opportunities.

How can people get involved?

For technology creators, distributors, and providers, MSP Day gives them a unique opportunity to build partnerships with like-minded organisations. In hearing from their peers about how they’ve successfully developed and sold managed services for businesses in a range of industries, they’ll be able to broaden their knowledge and pick up some useful best practice tips to aid their own business growth.

We’ll be announcing a range of initiatives in due course, with the intention that May 23rd will allow MSPs across Europe to benchmark their progress on their journey towards embracing managed services. Until then, creators, distributors, and providers of technology can register at to show their support and access a helpful toolkit of MSP Day assets.

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