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CMIT Solutions of Portland Central has served the Portland, Oregon community as the region’s premier managed IT services provider since 2018. Over the past five years, CEO and owner Ian Miller says he’s seen a dramatic shift in the cybersecurity landscape and SMBs’ perception of security. 

“It used to be common for a small business owner to feel like their company wasn’t big enough to be on cybercriminals’ radar,” says Miller. “Now when we start a discussion about phishing, we hear, ‘Oh yes, we have that happen all the time.” 

Utilizing multiple solutions creates complications

As CMIT Solutions added many different security tools to its technology stack, managing it all became difficult. Once they realized change was needed, they started looking for a solution that could give them a consolidated view of their security services, as well as an open platform to easily integrate with larger clients. 

They have used Barracuda email security since its inception, but initially used other vendors’ tools for endpoint protection and cloud security. Miller evaluated CMIT’s recommended security-as-a-service vendors using the following criteria:  

  • A single, consolidated view of security services to simplify threat management and responses. 
  • An open platform to more easily integrate with larger clients who already have some security components in place. 

The continued search ends with Barracuda XDR

Their search eventually led them to Barracuda XDR, a solution that made sense for Ian and his team. He shared he was pleased that the Barracuda XDR product family protects major attack surfaces such as endpoint, email, cloud, network, and server. 

“What attracted me to Barracuda was that email was always part of their storyline, and now with the added 24x7x365 security operations center (SOC), it just makes sense,” expressed Miller. 

To learn more about CMIT Solutions of Portland Central’s journey with Barracuda XDR, download your copy of the success story today. 

“Barracuda XDR gives me a single, consolidated view of all these security services for each client,” Ian says. “An attack can come in via email and jump to a device, and XDR helps us follow the breadcrumbs to root it out. Plus, Barracuda uses an open XDR strategy, which makes it easier to manage larger clients using other security tools.” — Ian Miller, CEO and Owner, CMIT Solutions of Portland Central

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