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In the newest episode of the SmarterMSP Podcast, our hosts sat down with Fleming Shi, Chief Technology Officer at Barracuda Networks, to advise how MSPs can best establish a cybersecurity defense against ransomware attacks.

You might remember that in our previous episode, Chris Crellin, Senior Director of Product Management for Barracuda MSP, joined to discuss a recent executive order by the U.S. government that establishes a new baseline of cybersecurity best practices to protect organizations from ransomware attacks and other cyberthreats, as such cyberattacks have successfully infiltrated traditional defenses in several recent high-profile incidents. In Episode 8, we continued building on that conversation to get a better understanding of how MSPs can protect themselves and their customers from these pervasive ransomware attacks.

How hackers are utilizing ransomware attacks

During the podcast, Fleming illustrated how cybercriminals have become more sophisticated and aggressive with their ransomware attacks, both in how they are more effective in bypassing traditional security gateways and in the amount of ransom each successful attack earns hackers. Fleming also explores how the recent increase in remote workforces has grown the size of attack surfaces available for these hackers, that MSPs must now defend.

Cybercriminals are using information and data gathered from previous attacks to help compromise new accounts that they can use to launch their next attack. Recently, they have been weaponizing the infrastructure and supply chain of reputable brands, who they know have the resources to pay their ransom quickly. These cybercriminals recognize that many organizations will opt to pay a fee they know they can afford if it means they can keep network downtime and damage to their reputation to a minimum.

How should MSPs respond?

In the podcast, Fleming advises MSPs employ a layered approach to cybersecurity. Fleming identifies a variety of solutions and services that can stack on top of each other to offer the strongest defense possible against ransomware attacks.

Specifically, Fleming recommends utilizing cybersecurity technologies that constantly monitor for inbound threats, assess the strength of an organization’s security posture, and are capable of alerting MSPs to threats that have breached a network or compromised an account, as well as remediating attacks on their own.¬†Effectively communicating the importance of these cybersecurity solutions to clients is also a vital factor for MSPs, as a strong partnership is often required to best avoid cyberthreats like ransomware.

To close out the episode, Fleming shared his predictions for what ransomware will look like in the years to come and what industries will become popular targets next. To hear Fleming’s insights in full detail, listen to the SmarterMSP Podcast episode and subscribe to us for more episodes in the future!

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