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As Global MSP Day approaches (May 20, 2022), SmarterMSP caught up with MSP partner Moss Jacobson, Director of New Business Development at CTN Solutions, to understand what he is seeing in terms of trends, challenges, and opportunities, and what he is most looking forward to for Global MSP Day 2022.

Q&A with Moss Jacobson

How long have you been in the MSP market?

I personally have been in the MSP space for just under two years, while CTN Solutions recently celebrated a milestone anniversary of 25 years.

What does being an MSP mean to you?

For me, being an MSP means genuinely persisting as a partner to not only our clients but also to the greater business community. MSPs are special service companies, particular in the current business environment, who should be committed to improving and securing the world of work through technology solutions.

What is the top challenge you see for MSPs globally?

Globally, I feel MSPs are most challenged by providing effective cybersecurity solutions. With the dynamic shift to distributed workforces, effective must not only mean that the solutions work well in keeping a business secure, but also will not act as a roadblock to employee productivity.

What is the top opportunity you see as an MSP?

The biggest opportunity that I see as an MSP is providing easy-to-use technology, relevant security/compliance/training, and BCDR services.

Our 5th annual Global MSP Day is approaching. What are you looking forward to most about the event?

I will be attending MSP Day 2022 and look forward to gaining more knowledge from industry experts on business growth tips and the evolving best practices for continued excellence as an MSP!

Moss is not alone in his excitement for Global MSP Day next Friday on May 20, 2022, as all of us at Barracuda MSP are looking forward to celebrating the global MSP community. Be sure to join in on the celebration and register for the virtual event!

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