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Now that it’s been awhile since MSP Day 2019, we’re allowing ourselves a sigh of relief, a pat on the back, and the chance to reflect on a successful second outing — and what an outing it was!

Riding the wave of the 2018 launch, this year’s MSP Day and accompanying report dove deeper into The Evolving Landscape of the MSP, welcomed more industry players into the festivities, and expanded throughout Europe.

This year’s report was built from interviews of 50 qualified, predominantly C-level, decision makers from channel partner organisations who provide managed services in Europe. The report threw channel perception, SME understanding, and industry-wide relationships under the microscope.

We dug up the good (managed services is the leading revenue opportunity in the region, and still growing), the bad (customer misconceptions remains a troubling wrench in the works), and the ugly (this misunderstanding among customers is snowballing into a retention crisis).

“While there are the expected growing pains, this report proves that the MSP market is certainly worth celebrating,” offered independent IT analyst, Clive Longbottom.

“MSPs are continuing to grow at a sustainable and consistent level, but that doesn’t mean the work is done. Misconceptions are still rife, which means the industry needs to step it up when it comes to educating potential customers.”

More MSP Day insight

If you missed MSP Day, there are still plenty of ways to catch up and capitalize on emerging opportunities:

  • Listen to the MSP Day podcast. Barracuda’s Andy Cocking joined Clive Longbottom to discuss the findings from the report, including skill shortages being a key driver for MSP uptake.
  • Watch a recent panel discussion. PCI Netherlands joined a panel discussion with Barracuda MSP’s SVP & GM, Brian Babineau, to talk about the European appetite for managed services, the state of managed services adoption, and the challenges and opportunity for MSPs.
  • Follow the MSP Day Twitter Q&A. Barracuda’s Director of EMEA MSP Business, Jason Howells and independent IT analyst, Clive Longbottom discuss best practice tips for MSPs and offer advice on how to provide managed services in the future.

The mission for MSP Day was to demystify managed services and make its significance, dependability, and uses known to the masses. We were able to do this, and create a platform for the industry to share success stories and best practices. By driving these conversations and collaborations, the global managed services market will continue to grow. In fact, it’s already set to nearly double from 2017 ($152.45B), to a staggering $257.84B by 2022.

So here’s to more of the good, less of the bad, and a way to understand and extinguish the ugly throughout the European managed services industry. Let’s continue to gauge what progress has been made and find emerging challenges and opportunities for years to come.

Here’s to working together to champion our industry. Here’s to MSP Day 2020.

Photo: Cristina Gottardi / Unsplash

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Jason Howells

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