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In today’s world, it’s important to utilize social media for any business, and that includes your MSP. The tricky part can be making sure you’re posting the right content for your audience. How do we know what to post when the options are endless, and our resources are constrained?

For most companies, the point of leveraging social media is to have a strong presence and build brand awareness. With that, comes putting time and energy into what exactly you are posting. What speaks to your followers? What will increase engagement on your posts? What can people relate to?

If your MSP is asking these questions, it’s time to define your content mix and here’s how:

Highlight what makes you truly unique and valuable.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to talk about your services and what you do. However, instead of just explaining what you do, tell your audience about your wins. How do your services help others succeed? What success stories have your services and your team created? Don’t feel bad about talking about your accomplishments and wins!

People want to do business with other people. A few team-focused post ideas that will promote more engagement include birthdays, work anniversaries, team member spotlights, new hire spotlights, behind-the-scenes at the office, award recipients, etc. Trust me, people love to cheer others on, even strangers.

All MSPs have events to attend or host, even if they’re mostly virtual these days. From tradeshows, conventions, parties, fundraisers, meetings, volunteering, you name it. No matter what events your MSP is a part of, share them with your audience. Creative post types for events include promos before, live posts during the event, and recaps afterward.

Share current industry trends, research, and news.

Your goal is to show your audience that you’re the expert in your industry. Keeping them up to date on the latest industry trends while guiding them as to what they should take away is key. Ideas for posts will come to you as you monitor industry research outlets and media. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts about the findings.

Time to celebrate the holidays.

Everyone loves celebrating the holidays, especially on social media. It’s important to have a mix of both national and fun holidays in your feed. You might be asking yourself “What’s a fun holiday, aren’t all holidays fun?” Yes, but some great examples of industry-related fun holidays are Safer Internet Day (Feb 8), World Backup Day (Mar 31), World Password Day (May 5), National Technology Day (May 11), or National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (October).

Branding your MSP on social media is a way to establish yourself more concretely in the minds of your current clients and prospective clients. Creating a strong social proof is something that your audience, potential customers, or partners look for. With these post ideas and topics, you’ll increase your MSP’s brand awareness and differentiate from your competitors.

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Morgan Pratt

Posted by Morgan Pratt

Morgan Pratt is a Content Marketing Associate at Barracuda MSP. In her role, Morgan creates and shares education and enablement materials built with today's MSPs in mind. She recently became the primary copyeditor on and enjoys working with our growing roster of contributing writers as well as MSPs themselves. Morgan has significant experience managing social media accounts for SMB clients as well as developing marketing campaigns and content.

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