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The PT Services team recently launched the latest episode of our podcast, the PT Buzz. During this installment, we took a deep dive into MSP security, how it has shifted over the recent years, the impact that the pandemic has had on it, and the MSP business growth opportunities that it presents in the near future. The potential that exists both currently and moving forward in the MSP security landscape suggests that many service providers would strongly benefit from shifting to become ‘security-centric’ MSPs, if they have not begun this journey already. On this new episode of the podcast, John Pojeta speaks with Brian Babineau, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Barracuda MSP, about changes and trends in MSP security.

The podcast touches on the key shifts and developments that have impacted the service delivery requirements of MSPs, shares some security-centric recommendations for success, and considers how MSPs can further improve their ability to detect, prevent, and remediate cyberattacks that emerge in the evolving threat landscape.

Pandemic impacts to MSP security

One particular theme of the conversation is how the pandemic and the shifting, hybrid work environment that resulted has impacted the security of businesses. The discussion focuses on the inherent risks that a distributed workforce has forced employers to address.

Brian also shares his insights on the importance of building a well-rounded cybersecurity stack and becoming a ‘security-centric’ MSP. The conversation closes out with Brian providing some solid security recommendations that MSPs should be looking at now, heading towards 2022.

We hope you find some helpful information in this episode. Please leave us feedback in the comments section, particularly about other topics that may be of interest to you. We’d love to address them in future episodes.

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John Pojeta

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John has been the VP of Business Development at PT Services for ten years. During that time, he's helped numerous MSPs positively impact their business growth. He is a respected and published author on various topics related to sales, marketing, and disrupting business models to achieve new success. John also researches new business types and manages and initiates strategic, corporate-level relationships to expand exposure for The PT Services Group. Reach John by phone at: 412-291-6685 or email

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