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Over the years, you have heard me talk about the tale of two MSP realities. In one reality, sales and marketing is hard, prospects refuse to pay higher prices, and the market determines your ability to succeed. In the other reality, you command the right price, generate a stream of new prospects, and add new monthly recurring revenue (MRR) consistently and profitably.

It has been my life’s mission for more than a decade to understand this tale of two MSP realities. I’ve watched it play out with hundreds of MSP leaders I know and care about. So, what are some of the characteristics that separate these two realities?


Top business leaders tend to simplify complex issues. MSPs that struggle with fulfilling their potential tend to see the MSP business in a more complex way. Instead of looking at the bigger picture and zooming out, they overengineer solutions and processes. When they do this, they unwittingly create more noise and more issues for themselves. I’ve learned that many people that fall into this category have a very hard time recognizing it.

If this sounds familiar, here’s what you can do. Be very deliberate with your priorities. Look at every initiative you have in your business to see if you can get the same results by simplifying processes. Many times, less is more, so you need to work hard to simplify.


The next common trait of top-performing MSPs is they have a greater command over key business drivers. For example, we at TruMethods built Picanomics to simplify the MSP business model and highlight the common drivers that impact leverage, cost, margins and value.

The more you learn to view your business through this lens, the easier it will be to make better decisions and set the right priorities. Many MSPs I meet with when I’m out on the road (back when I used to be out on the road) can’t tell me the most important metrics that determine their success.


Finally, the most important determining factor is expectations. Many low-performing MSPs don’t think they can do better — or at least dramatically better. Their experience has led them to believe that they are doing everything they can and that dramatically different results aren’t possible.

If you can gain command, raise expectations, and simplify your view of your business, you can make dramatic progress. It’s time we all up our game!

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Gary Pica

Posted by Gary Pica

Gary Pica is a pioneer in the managed services field. He is one of ChannelPro's 20 industry visionaries and MSP Mentor's most influential leaders. He has already built two top-performing MSPs. Today, Gary is the President of TruMethods, a training, peer, and accountability firm aimed at helping IT solution providers reach their full potential as MSPs and cloud providers. Gary shares the key ingredients that transformed his business and his life through his training process. Today, hundreds of IT providers around the world utilize the TruMethods business transformation framework.

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