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Most MSP’s have run into customers or prospects that refuse to add a backup solution or upgrade from their current one to another that better meets their needs. They believe that their current set-up is satisfactory because the decision makers often have a “it won’t happen to us” attitude when considering the potential of data loss.

However, thanks to the convenient reminder that World Backup Day (celebrated on March 31st each year) provides, paired with your own strong marketing tactics, the businesses you work with will be forced to recognize their need for a backup solution to protect themselves from the threat of data loss.

Share customer data loss stories

One of the quickest ways to eliminate the “it won’t happen to us” attitude that some businesses have is by reminding them of the data loss stories of others who are similar to them. By sharing stories of businesses that have fallen victim to data loss, you are helping your prospects and clients better understand that perhaps these stories don’t sound too far-fetched after all. Using authentic accounts of occurrences of data loss will “hit home” and resonate in a way that adds credibility to your marketing efforts that you never could. Businesses that specifically utilize your MSP’s backup solution can be particularly useful here. They can detail how your MSP helped save their data and why your backup solution is worth the extra effort. Again, adding that “relatability” aspect to your marketing is an ingredient that has proven to be effective many times over.

Present recent data loss stats

Some decision makers will appreciate the specific customer stories you share with them, but others will cast them aside as “random” occurrences, unlikely to be duplicated, and disregard them altogether. Perhaps a different methodology of supporting your marketing messaging is needed. Those that remain unconvinced by those relatable and sentimental stories, will likely find cold, hard facts to be more persuasive. Simply put – it’s hard to argue with numbers. The number of businesses that fall victim to data loss is simply staggering and, thanks in part to these same stubborn decision makers that you are trying to help protect, is only continuing to rise. Even the simplest statistics can provide the backing that your marketing needs, because (as the old adage goes) a little research can go a long way.

Host events

Despite all of this, some businesses that already utilize a backup solution will remain convinced that their current set-up is “good enough.” They won’t want to deal with potential price changes and the hassle that comes with finding and implementing a new solution. Perhaps they need more evidence that your MSP knows what it’s talking about. A good way to increase your MSP’s credibility is to “think outside the box” and host events like webinars and lunch and learns. With these types of events, you can gain valuable face time with your prospects and customers – a great way of developing relationships and establishing trust. It also gives you the chance to connect prospective customers with existing ones. And, your happy customers can be powerful sales people!

Differentiate yourself

You’ve built a strong marketing strategy by emphasizing the need for a backup solution and your customers’ satisfaction with your service, but remember: you are not the only one vying for the attention of your prospects. You must be bold and project confidence in your MSP’s service offerings. You’ll want to highlight the areas where your business excels – maybe you have an outstanding record when it comes to customer service, or have a 24/7 help desk. Know what sets you apart. Bet on yourself by challenging prospects and clients to compare the value of your service offering (in which data protection should be a staple) to the offerings of your competitors. If a prospect feels another offers more value, don’t be afraid to ask why. You could learn something that improves your service offerings, even if you lose out on that particular sale.

Take advantage of hashtags on social media

We live in a digital world, where news breaks and travels faster than ever before. In an effort to stay up to date, more people than ever rely on their social media to tell them what is going on. Hashtags and other trending topics provide a direct route for you to engage with consumers. Outside of the hashtags that World Backup Day creates on its own, other trending keywords are bound to spring up throughout the year in relation to events concerning data loss and prevention methods.

Even with all of these additional strategies, there will be some prospects and clients that ignore your warnings to protect their data. It’s a lesson that every superhero learns: You can’t save everyone. Some businesses will ultimately not decide to protect their data with your service offering. The beauty of World Backup Day is that it returns every year to serve stronger reminders on why a backup is so necessary. As each year passes, the businesses that rejected your MSP’s backup solution at first will (hopefully) have grown wiser and realized the error of their ways. For today, make sure that your marketing messaging around data protection is not only effective in the moment, but remains memorable for your prospects and customers throughout the year.

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Lindsay Faria

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As Director of MSP Marketing, Americas, at Barracuda, Lindsay Faria is dedicated to empowering Barracuda MSP partners to grow their businesses by providing tools and information to make marketing and selling their data protection services as effective, fast and easy as possible.

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