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TubbservatoryEvery week, Richard‘s keeping a keen eye out, bringing you five essential resources that every IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) should have on their radar.

Welcome to the Tubbservatory – your weekly treat, chock-full of handpicked articles, podcasts, and events that are a goldmine for fellow IT business owners like yourself.

Tubbservatory round-up #23

#1 Cyber Warranty: What it is, and what it’s not

As cyberattacks become more frequent and expensive, many managed service providers are looking to safeguard their clients from financial losses.

Therefore, a webinar that caught my eye is Cyber Warranty: What it is, and what it’s not.

Barracuda recently partnered with Cork, a cyber warranty company, to provide a new service offering, the Barracuda Cyber Warranty, which is specifically tailored for MSPs and their clients.

This webinar is now available on-demand.

#2 John Fisher on imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome? Ever felt like you don’t quite belong?

This video from John Fisher of Westway IT is a powerful insight into the challenges we all face, and provides an inspiring look at the managed services community and how it brings people together and makes them feel welcome.

Thanks for sharing, John!

#3 Digital mindfulness with Amy Blankson

Digital technology has transformed our world, bringing huge benefits. But as we become more reliant on tech, we need to understand how it affects our overall well-being.

Which is why I love this session from happiness expert Amy Blankson with Action for Happiness who shares unique insights to help you unlock the full potential of technology while also maintaining a healthy balance in your life.

#4 If you’re a commodity, it’s your fault – and it’s okay

Many MSPs worry about being just the same as every other MSP, but that’s simply not true, writes Karl Palachuk in his latest article “If You’re a Commodity, It’s Your Fault – and It’s Okay.”

Palachuk gives wise advice on how to make sure you charge top dollar for your services and stand out.

#5 UpLift Live comes to Birmingham on the 21st of March 2024

And finally, UpLift Live has been announced as the UK’s first conference for LinkedIn specialists, power users & enthusiasts.

Taking place in my hometown of Birmingham on 21 March 2024, Uplift Live is organized by LinkedIn legends John EspirianJeremy Freeman and Gus Bhandalor and promises a whole day of learning delivered by some of LinkedIn’s apex operators from around the world.

I hope to see you there!

Originally published on Tubblog – The Hub for MSPs. Reproduced with kind permission of Richard Tubb – The IT Business Growth Expert

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Richard Tubb

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Richard Tubb is a blogger, speaker, and author from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the Northeast of England. He provides expert advice to help MSPs grow their IT business, and he has helped the owners of hundreds of MSPs to free up their time, concentrate on doing what is important, and make more money.

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