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twitter for mspsMost managed service providers know that social media is something they should pay attention to and start using to market their business. (Or at least you keep hearing us talk about why social media marketing is a good thing to do.) But you’re busy and aren’t sure where to get started, so it keeps getting put off.

Well, it’s time to stop making excuses. If you don’t have a Twitter account for your business, sign up for one today. Once you do that, get started by following any of your SMB customers who are using Twitter, as well as channel vendors that you work with regularly.

Next, follow the 10 IT channel experts listed below. Their updates will keep you in the loop on important news and trends affecting the channel—and help give you meaningful content to share with your own followers. Just remember to add a little insight of your own when you retweet something.


1. Larry Walsh


Larry is CEO and chief analyst at The 2112 Group, a technology-focused business strategy firm, and he offers interesting insights into the overall outlook and performance of the channel, based on the firm’s research.

2. Tiffani Bova


An analyst at Gartner Research and regular speaker at industry events, Tiffani specializes in IT sales strategies and channel innovation, finding ways to help businesses grow.

Security experts

3. Eugene Kaspersky


CEO of the global IT security firm Kaspersky Lab, Eugene has more than two decades of experience in cyber security. He provides a steady stream of news and analysis of the latest security issues.

4. Graham Cluley


Graham is an independent security analyst who runs his own award-winning blog on computer security. His tweets cover everything from the latest vulnerabilities to breaking news about malware threats.

5. Lawrence Abrams


Owner of the tech support site, Bleeping Computer, Lawrence specializes in all things ransomware, and he is considered the go-to source for the latest ransomware information and developments.

Tech Journalists

6. Joe Panettieri


Joe is co-anchor of two leading IT podcasts and co-founded several well-known IT media brands. He covers everything from Big Data and analytics to the latest tech startups.

7. Heather Clancy


After spending 17 years at CRN, Heather is now the author of the Data Sheet, Fortune’s newsletter on the business of technology.

8. Ron Miller


A freelance technology journalist, Ron writes regularly for TechCruch and offers up a steady stream of tweets about trends and issues affecting the cloud to more general tech news.

9. Mike Vizard


Mike is a veteran IT journalist who specializes in enterprise IT issues. He writes regularly for IT Business Edge, CIOinsight, Talkin’ Cloud, and The VAR Guy.

10. Jessica Davis


As executive editor of MSPMentor, Jessica is plugged into the news that matters most to MSPs.

Well, and, of course, you should follow us, too.

11. Smarter MSP

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Anne Campbell

Posted by Anne Campbell

Anne Campbell is the public relations manager for Barracuda. She's been with the organization since 2014, working on content and public relations for Barracuda MSP, the MSP-dedicated business unit of Barracuda. She started her career in newspaper and magazine journalism, and she brings that editorial point of view the work she does, using it to help craft compelling stories.

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