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twitter_for_seoWhen it comes to cyber security, things change quickly. New threats emerge every day, and you need to stay current on the latest security news to make sure your customers are properly protected. In the age of social media, Twitter is one of the best ways to do just that.

During a recent cybersecurity panel discussion we hosted with Neal Bradbury, senior director of channel development at Intronis MSP Solutions, two of our partners really made this point hit home.

Panelist Christopher Cable, a project manager and system engineer from Techworks Consulting, said he follows a variety of Twitter accounts focused on security because he thinks it’s the fastest way to find out when something happens instead of waiting to see it on the news. “You’ll get on the forefront of it as opposed to the tailend,” he explained. Christopher added that he shares interesting news and articles he finds this way with the rest of the company using an internal distribution list so everyone else can see it too.

Alura Business Solutions VP Ryan Rosenkaimer agreed, saying he spends time on Twitter for the same reason. “If you follow the right people and follow the right organizations you can start watching this stuff almost live,” he said.

With that in mind, here are 10 Twitter accounts you should start following:

1. Lawrence Abrams


Lawrence heads up the popular tech support site, Bleeping Computer, Lawrence specializes in news related to malware, especially anything about ransomware. He’s considered a must-read source for the latest developments in ransomware.

2. Brian Krebs


An investigative journalist who writes about cybercrime, Brian is the author of “Spam Nation” and publishes in-depth articles on his website, Krebs on Security. His tweets provide insight and analysis on significant issues facing the security community.

3. United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team


Part of the Department of Homeland Security, the US-CERT uses Twitter to share news about major cybersecurity incidents, newly identified vulnerabilities, and security updates from a variety of software vendors.

4. Graham Cluley


Graham is an independent security expert who writes regularly about computer security on his own award-winning blog as well as a number of other industry publications. His tweets touch on everything from news about the most recent headline-grabbing breaches to updates on the latest phishing scams.

5. Microsoft Malware Protection Center


The Microsoft Malware Protection Center is dedicated to helping Microsoft customers get security updates and support. They tweet about the latest threat intelligence reports and advice on how to mitigate different types of threats.

6. Eugene Kaspersky


A well-known name in security, Eugene has 26 years of experience in the field and currently serves as the chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Labs. On Twitter, he serves up a reliable stream of news and opinions on the biggest information security issues of the day.

7. Sophos Labs


The researchers and analysts at Sophos Labs who bring you the respected Naked Security news site also tweet regularly about news related to new and emerging malware and other current cybersecurity issues.

8. Dr. Anton Chuvakin


Anton is research vice president of Gartner’s Gartner for Technical Professionals Security and Risk Management Team, and he specializes in log management, SIEM and PCI DSS compliance. He tweets regularly about use cases, security vulnerabilities, and risk management.

9. Cyber Aggregator


This cybersecurity news aggregator pulls together the best news coverage on a variety of security issues each day and tweets about the articles, so following this account is a good catchall to help you catch news others might not have touched on.

10. SecuriTay


Talking about security doesn’t have to be serious all the time, though. Following this account will bring a little humor to your Twitter feed, mixing jokes, real talk about IT security, and you guessed it (okay, you probably didn’t) … Taylor Swift.

Photo Credit: Garrett Heath via Used under CC 2.0 License.

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