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Startup Stock PhotosNo matter what business you’re in, sales plays an important role on your path to success. We all know sales don’t come easy, though. It takes persistence and the right attitude.

To help motivate you and your sales team, we reached out to our MSP Partners for some of the best sales tips they’ve ever received and would like to pass on. Here’s what they had to share:

The answer will ALWAYS be no if you don’t ask

Are you scared to ask a question because you already assume the answer is no? (You know what they say about people who assume.) Don’t be afraid to be upfront with your prospects and customers. One of our MSP Partners told us that to avoid a “no” or a simple one-word answer, you should ask open-ended questions. It will help you keep the conversation moving. She said since getting this advice, she doesn’t write anyone off anymore, and she never takes it personally if she does get a “no.”

Put yourself out there!

Sure, referrals are great, but they also come and go. “If you don’t try to make a sale and expect referrals and customers to search you out, you will not get the results you’re after,” said Christopher Cable of Techworks Consulting, Inc.. That means you need to take a more proactive approach.

Get started by learning your products and services inside out, and know what can be sold together. If you feel comfortable with what you’re talking about, you’ll hit your stride and be exuding confidence in no time, which makes it easier to take the next step. Schedule some time to meet with potential customers in person, host a luncheon, or visit their business. By getting this face-to-face time, you can learn more about how their business works, which will help you create opportunities to enable their success.

Be honest and genuine

It’s pretty obvious when you’re just trying to make a sale, so you need to set the right tone. You’re there to help the customer, so start a conversation by trying to learn what they need. Then, tailor your pitch to focus on offerings that can help address those needs. It shows you care and are willing to listen. If a prospect or customer asks a question and you’re not sure about the answer, don’t be afraid to tell them you’ll follow-up with more accurate information later.

That includes being upfront about what your products or services will cost. “Let clients make decisions with real numbers,” advised Matthew Ritchie of Computer Network Services. That kind of transparency will help you build trust.

For tips on how to build trust during the sales process, read this recent blog post: Robin Robins: The 9 pillars of trust-based selling.

Communication really is key

Being honest and genuine during the sales process is the first step in the right direction for great communication. However, you also need to make sure that you don’t leave your new customer hanging after you close the sale. Many MSPs agree that communication really is key.

By communicating with your prospects and customers consistently through your blog, check-up calls, and email marketing, you’ll stay top of mind, and your sales efforts will be more effective. Brent Fairbanks from Electronic & Computer Specialties, Inc., said to stay persistent, even when customers don’t respond right away. He said: “You would be amazed at how many customers will call from information you left many years ago. Stay in contact, and actually care about their business.”

Communication isn’t one-sided, though, so remember to listen to what customers have to say and let them know their feedback has been heard.

Do what it takes and don’t give up

At the end of the day, one of the messages we heard over and over again from your fellow MSPs is to never give up. Santiago Paden from Visualutions said to use rejection as a tool: “Plan to succeed, and when rejection comes it is just another opportunity to rise higher.”

These MSPs know how difficult sales can be, but try following their advice and see how it helps. This is your chance to make this year even better, so start now, and keep going. Make more calls. Connect. Engage. And close those sales!

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Francis Thach

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Francis Thach is a partner marketing associate at Intronis MSP Solutions by Barracuda.

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