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land grab salesThere are two types of prospecting campaigns. The first type of campaign is called a “displacement campaign.” It’s the type of campaign you plan and execute when most of your prospects are already using a competitor. The second type of prospecting campaign is called a “disruption” campaign, or more commonly, a “land grab.” Land grab sales cycles come along every time new offerings become available.

You plan each type of campaign differently. Displacement campaigns are mostly high volume “yes” or “no” campaigns. Either a company is ready to change providers, or they aren’t. Most often they aren’t, and you create a process and strategy that allows for long-term lead nurturing. Your sales cycle is less dependent on skill and more dependent on timing. Right place? Right time? Win. Forget to follow up next quarter? Lose.

The land grab opportunity for MSPs

Land grab sales mean you get there first. It’s a new idea, a new concept, something that will change how they do business but won’t require them to change providers. It’s normally something that gets added. It doesn’t require them to break a contract, leave a current provider, or completely change their current solutions or systems. Sounds easier, right?

The challenge with land grab sales is education. In displacement selling, you don’t have to educate your prospect on the value of your solution, service, or product. They already believe in the value. You know this because they’ve already purchased it from someone else. In a land grab sale, you’ll need to spend far more time teaching your prospect about what you’re selling and why it’s going to help them.

Managed IT services is currently a displacement sale. Everyone you want to work with is receiving IT support in one way or another. Managed security is the new land grab opportunity, and you can see this unfolding in the market. Forward-thinking MSPs are quickly making the transition to MSSPs, offering new solutions to both their current and potential clients.

How to capitalize on the land grab

If you’re currently struggling to convert your managed services opportunities into sales on a timeline that you find reasonable, it’s time to consider adding solutions that allow you to accelerate your sales process. Instead of selling something that’s perceived by your prospects to be the exact same thing they’re already buying, it’s time to create an offering that doesn’t need to replace (displace) their current provider. The best part? This allows you to add new monthly recurring revenue from both new and existing clients.

Remember, prospecting is about piquing the interest of potential clients. Selling happens once you’ve developed trust and rapport with someone. If your current story isn’t resulting in appointments and interest, it’s time to tell a new one. Start evaluating new security offerings. Find the ones that pique the interest of your prospect base, and then start talking about something new. Your goal is to create interactions that result in “Tell me more about that” instead of “We already have that.”

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Carrie Simpson is the founder of Managed Sales Pros, a lead generation firm dedicated to providing new business opportunities for MSPs. Carrie teaches IT firms how to build, manage, and grow their sales pipelines. You can follow Carrie on Twitter @sales_pros and connect with her on LinkedIn. 

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