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As an MSP, you know that email security is getting more important every day because ransomware and other advanced threats are on the rise. According to a report from Verizon, 92.4 percent of all malware attacks are delivered through email. Further, it was discovered that 22 percent of individuals clicked on a phishing email in the past year and that 4 percent of individuals in any given phishing campaign will click.

Traditional email filters and built-in security features like Exchange Online Protection can keep out some of those threats, but have you ever wondered how many advanced threats and spear phishing attacks have penetrated your Office 365 email already? To make it easier to identify and demonstrate why your customers need to add additional security measures, we launched the Barracuda Email Threat Scanner. We’ve also begun hosting demos of the Email Threat Scanner to showcase its effectiveness in identifying existing threats in your customer’s inbox.

Identify more advanced threats

This free tool scans Office 365 accounts for Advanced Threats and then provides a detailed report of all the threats it found, broken down by user, and mailbox. This non-intrusive scan includes all email folders, so it can identify threats that are lurking in a Deleted Items or Junk folder. It also scans sent items so you can see how a threat spread throughout the organization.

We’ve already scanned thousands of Office 365 mailboxes for IT service providers, and 90 percent of these accounts contained malware. On average, they contained more than 50 threats per account.

Signing up for a scan is quick and easy, and you’ll get the results in about a day. The report will show you a number of important things:

  • The number of emails and threats
  • The users with the most serious threat in their inbox
  • Who sent each infected email and whether or not it was read
  • A detailed scan report on each threat and what the threat will do in your environment if it is launched
  • Recommendations for how to deal with each threat
  • Any threats that are spreading internally
  • Users receiving multiple threats
  • Users sending multiple threats
  • Trends over time

Together, this information will empower you to better assist customers with remediating threats, checking to see if any company emails are publicly visible, and wiping any infected endpoints. The scan can also help you identify a need for an additional email security for Office 365, which will help prevent more attacks from getting through in the future.

Benefits for MSPs

As an MSP, you can use this tool to help your business in a few ways:

  • To clean out threats that may have pre-dated your current email security tools
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of your current email security solutions
  • To illustrate to importance of email security to prospective customers and help them make more informed decisions about their Office 365 security strategies

By pairing the Barracuda Email Threat Scan with a suite of cloud services such as Barracuda Essentials – MSP, you can help keep your customers and their Office 365 data safe. Be sure to attend our upcoming webinar on Thursday, April 9 at 11 am (ET) to see a demo of our Barracuda Email Threat Scanner and learn how your MSP can detect existing threats in your customers’ inboxes.

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Chris Crellin

Posted by Chris Crellin

Chris Crellin is Senior Director of Product Management for Barracuda MSP, a provider of security and data protection solutions for managed services providers, where he is responsible for leading product strategy and management. Chris joined Barracuda MSP from Backupify/Datto, Inc. where he was responsible for product strategy and execution of their cloud backup SaaS portfolio. Prior to Datto, he spent 14 years with RSA, the Security Division of EMC. He was the lead product manager for the RSA SecurID portfolio after having started his career as a software engineer.

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