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With so many choices when it comes to MSPs or competitive offerings, it’s easy for customers to pick up and leave when their needs are not being met, and they are left wanting more from their services investments. When customers are able to freely switch between MSPs, they are put in a position of power, which weakens the current state of your MSP business.

It’s without a doubt that an MSP should put emphasis on excelling at customer service rather than focusing on the actual product offering. To meet and exceed customer expectations and prevent them from switching to another provider at will, an MSP should be a people-first, customer-focused business.

Creating an experience through support

Look at it this way: when people commit to a certain MSP, they are paying for the experience of having technology support to help their businesses. The keyword, support, highlights the reason an MSP needs to be a business of people and not technology. Through customer support, MSPs are providing an experience, with the goal of maintaining and exceeding their customers’ expectations.

Sure, the technology you use to get the job done is important, but that isn’t what’s going to help you sustain your business. Customers can very well move to another MSP, potentially utilizing the same technology, but good customer service and relationships can’t always be obtained elsewhere.

Creating a customer-centric MSP

The secret to a people-centric MSP is its employees. Employees at people-oriented companies tend to foster a successful culture that eventually turns an MSP into a customer-service focused company, which is the ultimate goal

The fact is, customers will typically call their MSP when they are experiencing an issue with technology that needs to be reviewed and fixed. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: when they first make contact with you after an issue occurs, they are coming to you asking for support, to help them solve a problem they are facing. They don’t care how it gets done, they just want to know that you can help and the ability to put them at ease during this time should be first and foremost in your mind.

Hiring or training employees with a customer service mindset is a great practice for MSPs. Employees dictate organizational culture and the direction in which the company grows, so it’s fair to say that they are an important factor in helping your MSP become customer-centric. The next time you hire an employee, consider the following: what is their personality? Do they fit into the realm of your organizational culture? Are they a people person? In what ways can they help your MSP grow? And most importantly, are they the type of person you would want to talk to when YOU have an issue?

When you hire employees who fit within the culture of your organization, you will often find that they are more committed. They tend to come to work motivated to serve, which strengthens your company culture. Happy workers also produce a strong MSP by establishing a company culture that prides itself on excellent customer service. So, next time you have an open position, remember, skills can be taught but personality cannot.

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Paul Azad

Posted by Paul Azad

Paul Azad is the Founder of ServiceTree CONNECT™, a PSA plugin that improves ticketing and management processes for MSPs. ServiceTree helps drive gross profits and labor productivity by reducing ticket times.

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