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Drakonim, based in Swansea, United Kingdom, is a specialized service provider that caters to the needs of small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), delivering exceptional internet services that are tailored to the unique requirements of its hundreds of valued customers. While supporting their customers is their number one priority, Drakonim’s previous failing antivirus solution was requiring most of their attention. 

In need of a trustworthy solution to protect against ransomware

After facing several ransomware incidents in just two years, Jonathan Heritage, Managing Director of Drakonim, knew something had to change. Drakonim’s previous antivirus and endpoint protection provider failed to defend against the evolving ransomware threat. As a long-term Barracuda RMM user, when the new integration of Barracuda RMM with SentinelOne’s Singularity Endpoint was announced, it presented the perfect opportunity for Drakonim to switch their endpoint protection solution. 

“It was shortly after integrating SentinelOne with Barracuda that I installed the latest 3CX update on my computer system. We’ve worked with 3CX a lot over the years and know the solution and the nature of its updates and patches very, very well,” added Heritage. Following the 3CX update, Heritage and his team were swiftly alerted to vulnerabilities flagged by SentinelOne and Barracuda. Later that same day, Heritage received a panicked email directly from 3CX, breaking the news that their desktop client had been compromised. 

Making a difference with Barracuda RMM and SentinelOne

With Barracuda RMM and SentinelOne, Heritage and his team were able to spot vulnerabilities early, deploy controls, and achieve a bird’s eye view of their customer’s entire device ecosystem in a way that was previously unachievable. Now they can act fast, instead of playing catch-up. 

To learn more about Drakonim’s successful experience with Barracuda RMM, download your copy of the Drakonim success story today. 

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